Fantasy Football Punishment SZN is Here!

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It’s that time of year again. The season is over and now the best part begins. It’s Fantasy Football Punishment Season. As someone who has never placed below 4th in approximately 12 years of Fantasy Football, this year will be new to me. I finished 13th out of 14. Normally that would keep me exempt from any punishment. I, however, while 2-0 to start the season, put forth an addendum to make the punishment for the bottom TWO teams. I of course finished in one of these slots.

Before I reveal my punishment and the help I need from you the reader. Let’s scour the interweb for some cool punishments other leagues are doing this year.

While this one may seem bad, it happens at the drunkest event on the Tour. Absolutely everyone is blasted and no one will pay attention to the random dude in a wedding dress.

Disgusting, plain and simple. Not only is hot Chicken Noodle Soup overrated and gross, I can only imagine the taste of cold soup.


Now it’s time for me to face my punishment. Out of the three we just saw, the easiest one would be the bat boy one. That is hardly a punishment. The punishment for our league was to apply to a fast food place and put in 40 hours and then quit. Ground rules include, no quitting your current job. You must use PTO or ask for time off to complete the challenge. You cannot work weekends only. Once you work and receive your only paycheck you must either donate the money or add it to our upcoming Masters Pool.

So I come to you asking for help. If you, or anyone you know works in management at a fast food joint please get in contact with me. I hate guys who don’t complete their punishments and I will not be one of those kind of guys.