Say it ain’t so! Farewell, Choco Taco


Every so often news comes along that chills you to the core. The type of information your parents used to hide from you to ensure your childhood innocence stayed intact. I’m reminded daily how far removed from my childhood I am these days and the news coming out of Klondike land is just another blow to my already old and aching knees: the Choco Taco has been discontinued.

It seems fake. I don’t mean the aggressively chewy shell that held all the ice cream in place – I mean that it’s gone. Just yesterday we could go to the store and see the Choco Taco whenever we wanted and suddenly it’s just not there.

If this Choco Taco news is crushing you like it’s crushing me, just realize that you’re not alone.

Truth be told, I don’t remember the last time I even had a Choco Taco. I didn’t eat them much as a kid because they were always the most expensive ice cream option and premium products were not something I had the luxury of. I’m willing to bet I’ve had less than 12 total Choco Tacos in my entire life, but it doesn’t matter.

The Choco Taco reminds me of my childhood.

It reminds me of wondering what the expensive ice cream must be like as I chowed down on my popsicle. The Choco Taco gave me goals and that is now being taken away from an entire generation and future generations of kids. What a shame.

RIP to my childhood and RIP to the amazing Choco Taco.

…until they bring it back because this is probably just a strategic move by their marketing department to sell more Choco Tacos. Besides, there’s always the Dairy Queen Crunch Cone and that’s better anyway.

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