Farewell Ricky


A Timberwolves legend has retired, and no I am not using that word loosely. Ricky Rubio is a Wolves legend and he deserves a beautiful send off from Wolves fans. Farewell Ricky, you will be missed.

I got into the Timberwolves a handful of years before we drafted Ricky. So most of the fandom has been misery and was horrible up until we drafted Ricky. Now we didn’t ever do anything of any substance with Ricky, but he was a light in the darkness during those awful years. He brought hope and excitement to a sad, suffering fanbase. If you weren’t around then, you don’t get how much that mattered to us Wolves fans. He has a special place in our hearts.

Now, we did draft him and Johnny Flynn over Steph Curry, so there is always that, which unfortunately overlooks the brightness Ricky brought us. Again, we never won anything or even made the playoffs with Ricky, so how could he have been such a legend? With the Wolves, unfortunately, winning doesn’t really dictate success. At least, in those days it didn’t. What Ricky did for this fanbase and team was huge so we need to make sure to give him a proper farewell. He brought life and excitement to Target Center again, something that was sorely missed.

A Dark Night

I will never forgot his rookie season. It was exciting at Target Center for the first time in a while. With him and K Love they were actually winning games. They were even on the road to make the playoffs, until the awful night against Kobe and the Lakers.

I remember how sad I was after this. Finally the Wolves had some hope and it was taken away just like that. They ended finishing this lockout shortened season 26-40 but the vibes were insane before this happened.

Sure even if they made the playoffs they probably would’ve gotten smacked. At this point, though that wouldn’t have mattered. Just giving the fanbase any sort of excitement and meaningful basketball was what they needed. Regardless, Ricky will always be remembered here. He was an amazing person and a wizard on the court.

Part 2

It was a special night when they traded for Ricky again before Ant’s rookie year. It was just awesome to see him back where he was so loved. He was a veteran presence for Ant even though it didn’t last long. To have him back for even that short time was special.

Let’s send Ricky off by showing some of his best moments here in Minnesota.

There are a lot more but it would be a little too much to put in here. The first 3 are some of my absolute favorite and the last one is just his beautiful rookie highlights.

You were so loved here Ricky, even though we never won when you were around, you were still an important part of Wolves history. I don’t think we will ever forget you. Farewell Ricky, enjoy retirement.