Capfinn Mikko Koivu salutes fans during his 1,000th game

Farewell to the CapFinn, May We Pretend This Columbus Stint Never Happened

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The Wild’s longtime and trusted CapFinn is hanging up the skates. That’s right, Mikko Koivu has retired. For real this time. Not that he’s ever retired before, he’s no Brett Favre, but he has decided that not playing hockey is better than playing hockey for John Tortorella a team other than the Minnesota Wild. And it only took him 7 games to figure that out.
If you can watch this without crying, you have no soul.

Prior to this weird season, Koivu contemplated retirement before ultimately being coaxed by Columbus GM Jarmo Kekalainen to help bolster their bottom 6. Koivu agreed to a one year deal, but decided after 7 games that Torts was too much of an asshole to keep playing for he wasn’t where he needed to be to help the team.

Koivu hangs it up.

Obviously, all Wild fans know our beloved CapFinn had previously only played for the Wild organization since being drafted in 2006. As far as I’m concerned, these seven games in Columbus didn’t count. Say it with me; Mikko Koivu only played for the Wild. Finishing your career, especially a 1,000+ game career, with one franchise is such a testament to one’s loyalty and ability. What an incredible achievement by an incredible man.

"Thank you, Mikko Koivu. Best of luck in retirement!" with several pictures of the Capfinn being awesome over the years.
Shamelessly stolen from the NHL’s twitter page. You can see their handle at the bottom.

This is the important part of the blog where I remind Wild fans that we should not try and bring the CapFinn (or any other past-their-prime legends) back. Even though we have literally zero healthy centers on the team right now, we should let Mikko enjoy his retirement.


Bonus pic of 20 year old douchebag Dev, pictured here rocking his beloved Koivu jersey in 89 degree Alabama heat after the 2012-13 lockout ended.

Happy trails, Oh CapFinn, my CapFinn!