My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021

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We’re halfway through the year which means it’s time for me to reflect upon how I’ve thrown my money out the window so far. If there isn’t an Amazon box arriving at my door daily, it tends to ruin my mood. Plus the mailman always brings my dog treats, so really I’m just buying all of these items for him. This is not a sponsored post, we aren’t getting paid to highlight these items (yet, get at us folks we will happily shill your products on the blog). They’re just things I like and you’ll probably like as well. In no particular order, here is my favorite Amazon purchases of 2021 (so far!).

This Air Fryer

Here’s the thing: I cook a lot. Without bragging too much, I will absolutely brag about my ability in the kitchen. Outside of Drunk John Kriesel, I’d be willing to take on just about anyone in the kitchen. Seriously, look at the food this anonymous, non-coaster creates

I thought I was too good for a novelty like an air fryer. I was wrong. Air fryers are the Tom Brady of kitchen appliances. You can purchase the one I have here

And speaking of Tom Brady

This Tom Brady Sticker

I want Tom Brady to be my biological father. This isn’t a slight against my actual father, it’s just that he is not Tom Brady. I’ve got this bad boy stuck right to my Hydro Flask so everyone knows I’m all TB12, all the time.

Join my Brady cult by getting your own sticker here.

This Bug Zapper That Kills Mosquitos Dead

We got this DynaTrap a few months ago and the number of mosquitos has dropped significantly. I have to clean it out every few days and am at that point reminded that I’m committing backyard mosquito genocide, but I can live with that. And now thanks to this gem, I can basically live outside.

Take your backyard back and get one here

These Damned Pens

I had no idea I could be loyal to a pen, I had no idea I could have feelings for a pen, I had no idea a pen could be this good. Are they expensive? Absolutely. But ever since I made the switch, every other pen has felt about as good as watching Josh Freeman play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings looked.

Do yourself a favor and make the switch here

This Outdoor Heater

I think it’s also technically an indoor heater, but I have ours propped up in our gazebo. #ZeboLife (editor’s note: sick brag on the gazebo flex, also it’s 102 degrees out you sicko)

Thanks to the bug zapper and this heater, patio life at my place is in full swing. It has three heat levels and so far level one has been plenty hot. This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases of 2021 and I’m saying that in JUNE!

Stay warm all year and get yourself one here

This Flour That Will Change Your Biscuits and Gravy FOREVER

You ever make biscuits and they suck? I made a lot of biscuits that sucked until I discovered WhiteLily light baking flour. It’s remarkable–and the recipe for the biscuits are right on the bag. Everyone will think you’re some culinary genius with this stuff, I promise.

Wow all your friends during your next brunch and buy it here

These Wine Flight Glasses that I Don’t Use for Wine

Speaking of wowing your friends at brunch, create yourself a little DIY mimosa station with these wine flight glasses. Get yourself about 37 bottles of champagne and pour a variety of juices for people to choose in the different glasses. It feels fancy AF, I promise.,

Just make sure you don’t open your champagne like this

Get juiced with these glasses here

These Brushes that Attach to Your Power Drill

You ever try to get something clean and it’s just not happening? That doesn’t happen with this brush set. These suckers could clean Sasha Grey. I’ve never used anything like them before and I can’t believe how much time I wasted scrubbing with my bare hands like some caveman.

Bring your cleaning to the future here

These TV Lights

They change color, they look fancy, they make the TV look bigger somehow. Everyone is more impressed than they probably should be when I turn my TV on and it’s backlit. I’m all about these suckers and you should be too.

Get yourself a set here

These Many Different Flavors of Tea

Sweet & Spicy tea absolutely shreds. Maybe you’re doing intermittent fasting and need something to get you by, or maybe you just want a delicious hot beverage. This box gives you 10 tasty drinks to choose from.

You can order them faster than you can boil some water right here

This Echo Dot Wall Hanger Thing

I gave up my privacy a while ago when I bought an iPhone, and I’ve really let Big Brother in with the sheer number of Amazon Echo Dots in our house. The upside is I never get an Ad that isn’t directly targeted to something I need. This nifty little guy allows you to hide all the chords and mount your dot right to an outlet. I have mine in my bathroom, which has really enhanced my shower singing experience.

You know you want one now. Get one here

So that’s my list. Those are my favorite Amazon purchases of 2021. I won’t be purchasing the new Twins hat anyway soon, but there’s still plenty of year left, and a wise man once said “they print money in long sheets.” I can’t wait to see what arrives at my doorstep tomorrow.