February After The Super Bowl = Worst Month?

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Well, everyone, it’s already that time of the year again… FEBRUARY.. the worst weeks of the year.

February, worst month of the year.

Let me start with that feeling in your stomach knowing you don’t have any important football games (sorry not sorry, XFL and USFL) to watch for 6 months. Sad, I know.

Next, let’s think about how the NBA and NHL are in the dead middle of their season. Too many games left to completely sweat making the playoffs, but close enough to taste it. And then to finish it up, you’re basically getting teased by NCAA sports, waiting for the conference tournaments to start. We already know whose going to be competing, the conference tournaments just need to START.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll still be watching every night, but let’s not be one of those people who is going to argue with “Nah all sports games are still super fun to watch”. Meanwhile, that person isn’t telling you they bet their entire two-week paycheck on a Wednesday game between the Pistons and Rockets. Take away the gambling aspect and you’re better off watching your local YMCA men’s league play.

Are You A Degenerate?

Do you ever think about how many hours of your life you’ve spent watching some game that you should have 0 interest in, but thanks to the power of gambling you’re now fully invested in? Sweating out a game between two teams competing in a high school gym at noon on a Tuesday, in the middle of February.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING screams degenerate more than that. But hey, I ain’t shaming. How else are these teams going to get people to watch? When people ask me what I do all day, I usually will just say “nothing” to hide the embarrassment that I just spent multiple hours sweating profusely watching Citadel Vs Furman. Yes those are basketball teams, not churches in Rhode Island. Well maybe they are based on churches…they sure sound like it, anyway.

So you might be asking yourself is February REALLY the worst month after the Super Bowl?

What about July & August?

The NHL & NBA playoffs have concluded & the football season is just getting ready to start. You really are only left with watching Baseball and Golf. The big difference is, it’s summer and you can do a million things outside to pass time. Right now we are left with snowy wet winter, where it’s decent one day and freezing the next. We can see the college hockey playoffs & March Madness on the horizon. It hurts because it’s still just a little too far away to fully look forward to.

Why March = Most Exciting Sports Month

  1. College Basketball Conference Tournaments
  2. College Hockey Conference Tournaments
  3. MN Boys State Hockey Tournament
  5. College Hockey Playoffs (Frozen Four in April)
  6. Playoff Push For NHL
  7. Playoff Push For NBA
  8. Spring Training/Start of MLB Szn
  9. NFL Free Agency

Whats In February?

  1. Super Bowl
  2. Trade Deadlines
  3. All-Star Games

The above shows exactly why I’m so biased against the month of February. Thankfully the NFL made their regular seasons longer which also means the Super Bowl is a week later in February. As much as I love the trade deadlines, the Super Bowl really does hold the month of February together. The All-Star games don’t hold much power these days, people will watch…. because there’s nothing else to watch on TV… Why? Because it’s FEBRUARY!

Remember, although we are just starting the dog days of the sports winter, it only lasts for a couple of weeks. Blink a couple of times and it will instantly be March. All will be good in the world again.

The homestretch of the last 20 games combined with the thrill of all the college tournaments makes March a month of its own. Do I even need to say anything about the Boys State Hockey Tournament?

Talk to your family, go for a walk outside, and do ANYTHING productive. Once March hits all those opportunities fly out the window.

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Best Sports Month…