FINAL FOUR: The Best Minnesota Jersey of All-Time

Power Rankings

Alright, we’ve narrowed it down to the best four jerseys in the history of Minnesota sports. And boy do we have some matchups set up here. Fair warning, the final four is as chalk as it gets, but at least we ended up with the correct last four jerseys left.

#1 North Stars Green v. #4 Wolves ’95 Blue

After another huge blowout, the North Stars unis waltzed into the Final Four like it was nothing. The Wolves jersey on the another hand barely squeaked by the ‘Twins Cities’ kits by a whopping 2%. This might be the toughest matchup we’ve had so far, but I don’t see how you don’t pick the North Stars in this fight. The iconic green & yellow color scheme seems impossible to beat in this bracket, and this Wolves jersey isn’t even the best in their franchise’s history. I do love the blue & green though. The Wolves might need to bring these babies back full time. North Stars -350.

#2 Wolves ’00 Black v. #3 Twins Baby Blue

Okay I stand corrected, this is the toughest matchup we’ve had so far. How do you choose between the baby blues and the KG/Sprewell/Cassell black jerseys?? Both won their Round 2 matchups easily, and both are well deserving of being in the conversation for best Minnesota jersey of all time. But I don’t see the Twins advancing here. I love the baby blues as much as the next guy, but how do you pick against the best Wolves jersey ever here? I would’ve put a hefty future on these bad boys at the beginning of the tournament to win the whole damn thing. But if any uniform is going to beat them, it might just be the Kirby Puckett blues. This one’s a pick ’em.

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