FINAL ROUND: The Best Minnesota Jersey of All-Time

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In a shocker, both Wolves jerseys get knocked off in the Final Four and we’re officially down to the last two jerseys remaining.

If you’re just joining us now, we had some dog fights in the Sweet Sixteen, where the Twins’ grey pinstripes got absolutely robbed. That led to one of the best matchups of the bracket, Wolves ’95 Blue v. Twins ‘Twin Cities’, in the Elite Eight, and then a loaded 1, 2, 3, & 4-seed Final Four. Which has all led us to here.

Let’s see if a Minnesota team can finally win a title, or if somehow they’ll both find a way to blow this.

#1 North Stars Green v. #3 Twins Baby Blue

The North Stars continue their run of dominance with an absolute WHOMPING of the Timberwolves’ blue jerseys. They’ve essentially done the equivalent of sweeping every round on their way to the finals. I don’t see how they lose this. Also, it would be so sad if the jersey that wins this is of a team that no longer exists. Even in a made-up jersey bracket, a current Minnesota team might not even win.

If there’s one thing you can’t do though, that I’ve been doing this entire time, is count out these baby blues. I’ve doubted them every round, and they prove me wrong every single time. I cannot believe they beat out the black Wolves unis, and it wasn’t even particularly close. I need these jerseys to win so badly now. We need a Minnesota team that hasn’t been extinct for the last 30 years to get a win for the good juju alone. All I’m asking is for the smallest amount of fake momentum possible, so I can have some hope come postseason baseball. Please.

Voting is open now. If the Twins don’t win this I will riot.

By riot, I mean I will take absolutely zero action. It will only consist of me being mildly upset alone in my apartment for 4-6 hours.