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Finally, someone spoke up about NBA refs!

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Nba Refs
Ben Taylor stands tall after a terrible call vs the Timberwolves

Enough is Enough with Nba Refs

On Thursday the 9th of March, Fred VanVleet had finally had enough of Nba Refs and their horrible calls throughout this year. He started by calling Ref Ben Taylor a dick and blamed him for changing the game. The way the NBA is trending and the things NBA refs get to get away with are utterly ridiculous. Referees will only make calls for superstar players and then let the same exact call go against someone else.

Heres the clip from Fred VanVleet:

Something has to change

If the NBA held their referees to standards and punished them for repeated noncalls or blatant power trips. This wouldn’t be as big of an issue. But they aren’t and it’s only the beginning of these issues. If you watched the Timberwolves playoff game last year, you saw Karl Anthony Towns receive repeated light or ticky-tack offensive foul calls. Then 10 seconds later we would watch Ja Morant fly at the backboard and receive a call and free throws on the same play.

It even happened in the most recent Timberwolves game against the 76er’s. Joel Embiid ended the game with 9 free throws and Anthony Edwards only had 4. It’s the difference in the type of calls refs give to superstars vs normal players or even soon-to-be superstars like Ant. Even head coach Chris Finch was pissed about the lack of calls in the first half and while mic’d up berated the Refs.

Refs Powertrips

It’s not just against the Timberwolves. This seems to happen all over the NBA this year. Scottie Barnes from the Toronto Raptors was kicked out and another ref didn’t have a clue who even got kicked out or why. And he was standing two feet away! When the announcers, other refs, and teammates don’t know why someone got ejected. It means it’s getting out of control.

Here are some other horrible technical foul calls and just blatant missed calls.

When you are called the softest league in the world..this shouldn’t be what is happening. An easy thing to change can go a long way to change your image. But Adam Silver just like Roger Goodell will protect the refs and nothing will change. It’s sad to say but happens to be the truth. I just hope Anthony Edwards starts to get the calls he deserves.


Rob Grabanski