First to 15 = Guaranteed Money… Allegedly

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My whole adult life I have been trying to figure out a way to beat the bookies and become rich off of sports betting. It has been a long treacherous journey but thank to March Madness I believe I may have finally found the antidote.

The 10K boys took our annual trip to Las Vegas this past weekend for March Madness and we were all trying to figure out how to make some coin. That was until we went to our favorite spot in Sin City, Stadium Swim.

I mean come on… Just look at this place

While we were at the greatest place on earth we ran into our good friend and former Minnesota Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph. While we were shooting the shit with Kyle I asked him like what the locks of the weekend were. I know, I am your classic early 20’s piece-of-shit degenerate… I was expecting a typical answer with maybe one or two plays.

But no… Kyle’s answer was life changing. He replied with “Bet every single underdog to be the first team to score 15 points”. We looked at each other and said…

“Fuck it, let’s ride”

We immediately put money on Fairleigh Dickinson at +325. Unless you live under a rock you know how the game against Purdue went. Shit was an absolute lock. This is by far the most electric thing to bet on and makes March Madness even better. We continued to do this the rest of the weekend and continued to cash bets.

This is by far the best bet you can place until proven otherwise. Also I don’t want any “Professional Gamblers” in my mentions saying that this does not work. You hate fun and your mom should have swallowed you.

With the NCAA Men’s basketball tourney winding down, the men’s hockey tournament is just beginning and we’ve got you covered on how to make money betting on that one too. You’re welcome.