Flo Rida Is Here To Save The Vikings Season

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Here in the United States, we take our sports pretty fucking seriously. Your typical game of any sort will run for about 3 hours long, and in between the injuries and the endless TV timeouts, there has to be entertainment. The same goes for halftime, you need to have something to keep the audience that didn’t run to piss their pants some action! The acts always vary; your mom’s old favorite rapper, frisbee dogs, Creed, or a pickup game gone wrong.

This week on TNF, our favorite team was able to land the best rapper of the year. If the year is 2009 that is. Yes y’all i’m talking about the hit machine, Flo Rida!

Okay not to be dramatic, but this is a big deal. The Vikings don’t usually get a guy of his caliber for the halftime show. Most of the time it’s a local artist singing to a half-full stadium or we get to see some cute doggos. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But he could be the person to come out and turn our season and (or) the game “Right Round”. Especially if the scores and morale get too “Low”. I hope you guys realize how much I’m killing it with these Flo Rida puns.

Yours truly will be at U.S Bank Stadium for the Thursday shitshow, so if you see my big Helga horns say hi! Flo Rida showing up for halftime definitely makes this game worth the price of admission. There’s no doubt in my mind that the legend Flo Rida will get the boys fired up.

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