Florida Man Jumps in Live Fishtank


It seems like whenever a crazy story happens, Florida is the common denominator.

In Outdoors news today, an incident involving Bass Pro Shops came to my attention. Some asshole decided to take a swim in a live fish tank, much like one Cabela’s has. Daniel Armendariz jumped into the tank in May of 2020 and was on the run from the law. He skipped his court date while posting on social media saying “I’ll do the stunt again.” He finally turned himself in this week with many other issues on his record.

Oddly enough, 2011 saw 3 high school students pull this same prank. 2017 also had someone in desperate need of a swim. Apparently the beaches of Florida just aren’t good enough for some people or maybe Armendariz was a repeat swimmer. Even if that’s the case, he has many other wildlife related issues going on.

Incidents include possession of alligators, fishing for stone crab out of season, instances of fishing without a license, possession of undersized fish, and many more violations. Florida Fish and Wildlife even found the 4 illegal gators in his bathtub at home. Only in Florida man…

Daniel Armendariz