Football Season Isn’t Over!!

Football NFL

With the conclusion of Super Bowl 57, this is a sad time of the year for many. But, have no fear, I have great news! Football will only continue into the spring and beyond. Last weekend was the opening weekend of the revamped XFL. If one spring league wasn’t enough, the USFL is starting in April! If you still aren’t satisfied, we have NFL free agency and the draft coming in hot as well


The XFL season started last weekend. Providing a seamless transition for football junkies everywhere. Why should you care? This is an opportunity for former NFL’ers and college greats a shot at the next level or career redemption. There’s plenty of names in this league to get excited about.

Players to Watch:

  • WR Josh Gordon, Seattle Sea Dragons
  • WR Martavis Bryant, Vegas Vipers
  • LB Vic Beasley, Vegas Vipers
  • LB Johnathon Celestin, DC Defenders (Former Gopher)
  • WR Malachi Dupre, DC Defenders (LSU, Former 5-star recruit)

By looking at the first couple names you may think “is this real life Blitz: The League?” (that would be awesome). But, in all seriousness, we know Gordon and Bryant can ball. We’ve seen what those two do on Sundays. Guys like Malachi Dupre that were big time names in college and didn’t get their fair shake in the NFL is what gives this league so much potential. Case in point, peep former Oklahoma and Miami WR Charleston Rambo in practice. These guys can play! Personally, I think the Vegas Vipers are the most polarizing team in the league. They have my full attention with Bryant and Beasley. They are also led by NFL Hall of Famer Rod Woodson as their Head Coach.


Oh, one spring football league wasn’t enough? I’ll double it and pass it to the next person (you). Last year, the Birmingham Stallions won the inaugural championship of the rebooted USFL. The USFL may not be as sexy as the NFL or XFL but there’s still some players to follow. For us Minnesotans, there’s G Evan Heim of the New Jersey Generals. Heim is a D2 product from Minnesota State in Mankato. Don’t look now but, for a Division II program, Mankato sure knows how to grow them!

NFL Draft

The XFL and USFL should hold us over until April when we’re (kind of) back injecting NFL football into our veins. The possibilities of the NFL off-season are endless. The NFL Draft is the first shot of optimism for many fans. It feels like just yesterday I was confiding in Christian Ponder, when he was selected 12th overall by the Vikings.

Final Thoughts

It’s only natural for football fans to fall into depression after the Super Bowl. But, this spring we have more football than ever before to look forward to! Hang in there, April will be here before we know it.