Football’s back

Football’s Finally BACK

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We really thought this day would never come. Not because we didn’t believe, but the simple idea of it finally happening felt so far out of reach. Some days were easy, while others proved to be some of the worst days of our lives. Those endless seconds passed by with no future in sight, just the cold, cruel realization that loneliness and boredom were our only friends.

Football’s back

But it’s finally here, we’re all together, and we’ll never look back again. To be completely honest, the waiting never really bothered us. Surviving 27 weeks with absolutely nothing might cause some individuals to break. But the few of us who kept the big picture in mind never lost sight. In fact, the adversity made us tougher, smarter, and down right gritty.

Football’s Back

No, the waiting was the easy part. Now the lack of support and constant ridicule? We had to fight for our lives to conquer that. The shouts of lazy, degenerates, and losers filled our ears. But did we back down? NEVER! Even when they told us we were ruining our lives, the thought of quitting never crossed one brain cell. This is who we are.

Our mental can’t be and won’t be broken. However, in a game as serious as this one, you have to put the work in too. Our bodies are gifts from above, and we sculpted them into machines. The endless hours perfecting our craft readied us for the task that lays before us…

Everyone. Football’s back.

Don’t stop pushing now. This marks the beginning of a long battle where few finish victorious. Thousands of beers, dozens of missed family events, and millions in gambling debt represent the obstacles each and everyone of us must face over the next 6 months. Don’t let those numbers scare you. The only numbers we need to worry about have a ‘+’ or a ‘-‘ in front of them. Now get inside, crack a beer, and start watching until your eyes bleed. Football’s back, and it doesn’t get any better than that.