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Foreign Substance Checks Are Fucked (Sorta)

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If you’ve had your head under a fucking rock the last two weeks, you’ve missed the most recent shit typhoon to hit MLB.

Earlier in June, MLB informed club owners that a they will be laying down the law on pitchers that use a foreign substance. This comes not even two months after a memo was sent out just prior to the start of the regular season stating that the use of foreign substances had become a problem.

A fresh baseball
A fresh baseball, undoctered

At that time, nobody knew when this would begin. Well, surprise! It’s fucking here.

Just this past week, on June 21st, pitchers began to have their gloves, hats, and even belts checked. Per the newest rules regarding foreign substances, starting pitchers will be checked more than once a game. Relief pitchers will be checked at the end of the inning they came into the game or when they come out of the game (whatever happens first).

Already, less than a week into these checks, it’s starting to create issues with pace of play (fucking shocking). The only positive things we’re getting out of this: The pitchers reactions to getting checked!

Max Scherzer’s reaction to a Foreign Substance Check

** There have only been a few notable reactions to this point, but Scherzer’s is by far my favorite **

On June 22nd, Washington Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer, gave us our first 5-star reaction to being checked for a foreign substance. Prior to this epic meltdown in the 4th inning, Scherzer had already been checked twice for a foreign substance.

Max Scherzer about that action when it comes to foreign substances
Max Scherzer can father my children

Philadelphia Phillies manager, Joe Girardi, requested that Scherzer be checked in the middle of the 4th inning. Again, he had already been checked twice prior to this. Rightfully so, Scherzer lost his goddamn mind.

Scherzer has every right to be upset in this situation. If I’m an all star pitcher with three Cy Young Awards and multiple top 10 MVP finishes, I’m taking issue with this too. It’s disrespectful.

This was a prick job by Girardi. His boys weren’t doing their job so he tried to rattle Scherzer up a bit. I get it, but Scherzer is one of those rare psychos that doesn’t get rattled, he gets more amped up. This move back fired on Girardi, as he was ejected shortly after the end of the 4th inning. He took issue with Scherzer showing him his hat and his glove and couldn’t keep it together. As the kids say, “get fucked, bud”.

If this rule is to continue, I believe there should be evidence of pitchers using a foreign substance in order for them to be checked mid inning. Otherwise, we’ll see more and more pitchers losing their shit over this and rightfully so. But it would give us some great fucking videos like this one..

More reactions like this to come?

Without question, we’ll see reactions like Scherzer’s from this point on. The only comparable one I have seen so far was Sergio Romo’s meltdown the other night. Personally, I’d love to see Trevor Bauer lose his fucking mind over a check.

In all seriousness, I don’t really give a shit if pitchers use anything to grip the baseball. Batters have their secrets and so do the pitchers. Just let them do their thing! MLB fucked up when they decided to start messing with the baseball grips midseason. What else did they expect pitchers to do?

I may not be a fan of the random checks (especially the ones in the middle of an inning), but my God are we about to witness some grown men lose their minds over this.