Cameraman Trolls Entire Nation

Fox Sports Cameraman with Troll of the Season

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Yankees Outfielder, Aaron Judge, is eyeing to tie, and then pass, a huge milestone in MLB history.
Currently sitting at 60 home runs, Judge is knocking on the door of the all-time American League home run record. The record of 61 home runs was set by Roger Maris, also of the Yankees, in 1961.

This is such a massive story that ESPN has even begun to pause its regularly scheduled programming and cut to Judge whenever he’s at the plate. Millions of people will now have the chance to tune in and potentially witness history!

Let’s just hope we don’t have a cameraman like we did Thursday night going forward…

Cameraman Troll Job incoming

If you happened to catch Judge’s at-bat in the bottom half of the 9th inning last Thursday night, you’ll know what I mean.

In a 2-2 count, Judge connected with an up-and-in, 96 MPH fastball. All 42,000+ fans jumped to their feet and began to scream. All fans at home, including myself, did the same. I remember saying something along the lines of, “get out here, you fucker!”.

The sound of that bat meeting the ball was absolutely electric. I thought for sure Yankee stadium would turn into the 16th tee at the Waste Management Open.

As it turns out, all of us at home were fucking lied to.

Troll of the MLB Season

Aaron Judge misses Home Run #61 by 4 feet

This is what I, like everyone else watching at home, saw on TV.

I have never seen such a troll job ever in my life. I 100% thought this was going out and was ready to celebrate. He ruined my evening.

Twitter was up in arms about the troll job as well.

The Fox Sports cameraman is a cheeky bastard. He played with the heartstrings of not just Yankee fans, but baseball fans. I really, really don’t want to go through that sort of disappointment again. I just want to witness history. I’m not old enough to remember when Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs. I’m also not old enough to remember the summer of 1998 with Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. I haven’t had the chance to see something like this.

Regardless of how it made me feel, I must salute the person operating the camera. That was hands down, the troll job of the MLB Season.