From Foligno To Bonino, This Team Fucks

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Although the Wild lost to Vegas tonight 5-4 in OT, you can just tell that this team fucks and is going to be a force this year. The Wild had goals from Jordan Greenway, Marcus Foligno (2), and Nick Bonino. Take a look at these absolute piss missiles from the Foligno to Bonino duo. What a pair of man rockets with some rocket shots as well.

This loss snaps the Wild 6 game winning streak, and a 7 Overtime win streak, but I mean… we had to lose at some point right? I know fans are probably pissed about that game but the boys are absolutely electric and I literally look forward to watching them every night. Feels good to say that, been a while. The boys are fuckin’ buzzin’. I guess we can blame the loss on the refs gifting VGK two goal. That, or not making a single call against them. But the reality is, we beat ourselves. Turns out, not shooting the puck in the final 15 minutes of the game can bite you in the ass.


For the second time today, the Wild suffered a gut-wrenching loss and now it’s about how we rebound from this. This team has shown guts and poise in the face of adversity before. I expect they do it again. Especially with legends of the game like Foligno and Bonino leading the way. The loss sucks. Now, we get the loser point, we learn from our mistakes, and we move on.

The 2021 Stanley Cup Champions will take the ice for round two with Vegas on Wednesday night, only this time we’ll be sporting those sick ass Reverse Retro threads. See y’all at 9pm on Wednesday. And as a reminder, this team absolutely fucks.