Fuck Draymond Green


Draymond Green is the biggest scum In the NBA. He is washed up and talks like a star. He runs his mouth behind the success of Steph. Most importantly, he’s a dirty and cheap bum who doesn’t learn. Fuck Draymond Green. 

If you were on the internet at all Tuesday night you witnessed the shit show to start the Wolves game. Klay and Jaden got into it a few plays into the game. They were pushing and pulling each other but it wasn’t anything crazy or dirty. Well, that changed when Draymond, noted mouth breather, joined the fray. 

The best part of this is Draymond wasn’t involved, but of course, the loudmouth had to join and make it about himself. Rudy is trying to separate them so apparently that was Draymond’s cue to come and try to literally choke out Rudy. Unfortunately, Draymond was waiting for this moment, he doesn’t like Rudy. Sure I understand a lot of people don’t but that doesn’t justify what that dirty piece of shit did. This bum’s history makes it even worse, he has had so many incidents like this yet apparently he doesn’t learn. Just a few games prior he got ejected for going at Donovan Mitchell. Then in our first game against them, you probably heard him jawing at Ant for literally no reason. He just wants to find a reason to be dirty and run his mouth, honestly, it is pretty sad coming from a grown man.

Stupid Warrior fans

The really sad part about this is how delusional Warriors fans are and how stupid their own coach is. Just look at some of this stuff.


This is only a little bit of the delusion from Warriors fans and their dirty organization. There was SOOOOO much more that was just so stupid but I can’t possibly include it all. Are these people really that blind or that much of a homer? It seems that is the case but you can’t possibly watch that video where Klay started it and call Jaden dirty. Be serious, in what world does that make Jaden dirty when Klay literally STARTED it. Absolutely batshit crazy some of these fans and to the lengths they go to back their team. There has to be a point where you accept your guys were in the wrong. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Warriors fans, no shame.

Also, Pat Bev, we love you here still but this isn’t it. This seriously is a lose-lose situation for Kat. He fights back and he gets called fake tough. He doesn’t and he is even more soft. You are a role player Bev, if you go in and get tossed out it doesn’t matter. Kat happens to be a star and it was very mature of him to not do anything dumb. If he did we would lose that game, wins matter more than looking tough. Sit down in this situation.

Steve Kerr

Now this old man needs to have some shame. He is literally now gaslighting everyone, telling them that what we clearly saw, isn’t actually what happened. Take some responsibility for your fucking players. It is so embarrassing the shit Draymond has done and Kerr has NEVER said he was in the wrong. He always makes some excuse for his actions. Grow the fuck up old man, you got handed an amazing situation and have just rid Curry’s success. You are a shitty coach now and a piece of shit, have some accountability for once.

This also comes after Cp3 dove at Conley’s knees the game before, but I didn’t hear you say anything about that. Two of the dirtiest players of all time on your team and this how you act? That is so, so embarrassing.

Loud Mouth Bum

I have to get a little more off the chest before we are done with this dirty fraud. Dray didn’t want to have to deal with playing without Steph so he took his opportunity to strike. Rudy knew it too.

Rudy is spot on, Dray is sacred because he knows he is absolutely nothing without Steph. That is why it is insane he talks the way he does considering he isn’t good anymore and if he wasn’t in that situation he never would be who he is. He talks like he is a superstar, he needs to look in the mirror because he isn’t who he thinks he is. No one, besides maybe Kerr has rid the success of another person the way he has. It is frankly embarrassing.

I could rant so much more but this is already too long. It has been an awesome start Wolves fans, this team is different. Let’s enjoy every single game. Until we talk next, Fuck Draymond Green.