Fuck Glen Taylor


It has always been fuck Glen Taylor, just ask KG. Unfortunately, Glen made himself even more hatable, who would’ve thought that was possible? It is Minnesota vs Glen now, good luck old man.

An Old, Senile, Snake Man

Glen, glen, glen, you old snake. We all should’ve known that if KG said it, it was true. The worst part of this is this old, selfish fuck is doing this towards the end of one of the best seasons in franchise history. He just has to make it all about himself. Well, congrats Glen, everyone in Minnesota hates you more than they already did! I wonder if it will feel nice to be boo’d in your stadium? My guess is it won’t.

For anyone who is confused about all of this, here are a few tweets describing the situation and what exactly happened.

Regardless if this “deadline” actually existed, Glen is a liar and a huge scumbag. Lore and A’Rod raised the money. He is just simply having seller’s remorse because the team has almost doubled in value from what he asked for it. Well, boo hoo you old bitch, you will be dead soon anyway so what does it matter. He even came out and said today part of it is because of the valuation, then he said possibly the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard.


HE SAID HE THINKS HE BUILT THE TEAM!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. This old man really is senile, isn’t he? This man does not know basketball, he is not involved in the moves the team makes, so you sure as hell didn’t build this team. Do not try to take credit when you have done absolutely nothing besides being a checkbook for the people who are actually making decisions. You have to be assisted to your seats each night, and you really think you built this team? That is true comedy, try standup sometime Glen if you have the brain capacity for it.

We Hate You

I mean is it not a coincidence that the vibes with this team and pretty much everything surrounding them got better the second A-Rod and Lore got involved? It probably isn’t and maybe you should take the hint, Glen, your time is up. Move on and let this franchise prosper you old man. I mean if you just took a look on Twitter you would see what people think of you, they hate you, so take notice.

It seems like it is time to highlight how much Wolves fans hate you, old man. Let’s take a look at some of the tweets I saw today.

This is like .01% of all the tweets slandering him. These were just some I stumbled upon and was able to find again. If I included them all the blog wouldn’t end. I don’t even know what else to say right now, this guy has taken away from this beautiful season and shifted the focus onto him. It isn’t even in a good way either, it is purely negative. So thank you Glen for taking away from that, this is your team and you did this? It shows you really don’t give a fuck about the fans, it’s all about you, sad.

I could keep yapping on and on about this but it is just making me more upset, so I will end this short. Please, Glen, we are begging you to just sell the team to A Rod and Lore, everything will be for the better if you do. Regardless I will end on this note, fuck Glen Taylor, all my homies hate Glen Taylor.

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