Fuck The Lions and Their Success!

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Vikings fans watching the 2023 NFL postseason have had to live in a nightmare. Not 1, but 2 of our divisional rivals made it to the 2nd round. And now, the Lions will play Sunday night in the NFC Championship for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. That should’ve been the Vikings, god damn it! But really, how should Vikings fans feel about the success of the Detroit Lions?

They said it’s Detroit vs Everybody…

We all know the history of the Lions and their city. The Lions for most of our lives have been a laughing stock of the NFL. The 1st team to ever go winless in an NFL season now finds themselves the talk of the NFL world. All the experts and casual fans love that the Lions are doing well.

I’ll give credit where it’s due, but let’s remember something. If Kirk Cousins stays healthy all season, this might not happen. The Lions swept the Vikings with Nick Mullens at the helm throwing 10,000 interceptions. And we still almost beat them! I can’t help but think things would be different if #8 continued his MVP-like season.

Are Lions fans doing too much?

Let’s talk about the sign that went viral. I’m not upset by it, I get the meaning. But it’s just a little too on the nose, considering Kerby Joseph’s dirty-ass hit literally made TJ Hockenson’s knee explode. But that’s how they play ball. The Lions and the city of Detroit are “gritty”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

So, how should Vikings fans feel about the Lions doing well? It’s all subjective for the most part, but I think we should be bitter. Let’s flip the situation: if the Vikings were in the NFC Championship, Lions fans wouldn’t give a damn. But because all of us here are wired with that Minnesota Nice mentality, it allows us to not hate and to enjoy a good story more.

The Bears and Packers have long been our bitter rivals with no love lost. So why shouldn’t we be bitter towards the Lions? Their success will only create hostility and another big bro-little bro situation with division rivals vying for the NFC North crown moving forward. Whatever way you flip it, it does no good for the Vikings fans to see the Lions make the Super Bowl. Every Vikings fan should dislike the Lions like we do the Packers and Bears.

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