Full-Time Wild Jersey Change on the Horizon???

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ICYMI Kevin Weekes threw out a drama inducing tweet today regarding the Minnesota Wild repping the reverse retro FULL TIME in the future. In case you live under a rock, the Reverse Retro Wild jersey is an ode to the former Minnesota North Star hockey team that ran the State of Hockey from the late 60’s to 1993. Following their departure thanks to Norm Green (aka Norm Greed) the team then morphed into the Dallas Stars. 

Fans were quick to hop on the thread to voice their opinions where an overwhelming amount were in favor of the idea. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind it. It’s a beautiful jersey that pays tribute to our hockey foundation. From a marketing standpoint, it’s a beautiful brand that’s highly recognizable and resonates well. But I am only a fan… With that, let’s dive in…

The Minnesota Wild are currently repping three jersey’s:

  • Traditional Home Jersey
  • Traditional Away Jersey
  • “North Stars kit setup” – Kevin Weekes

These jersey’s are all loved and cherished throughout Minnesota. While there’s new chatter about the North Star style jersey overtaking the current home jersey, I can’t see it, at least not right away. Again I wouldn’t mind the switch AT ALL, but I think it’d have to be carefully crafted and transitioned into. Marketing Marketing Marketing.

I tossed a tweet out this afternoon to see what people thought and an incredible amount of fans were in favor of the switch. On the flip side, (at the time of the poll) 21.2% were against. Minnesota Wild extraordinaire and fellow 10k Takes pal Adam Danks was quick to respond saying, and I quote, “LOVE”. The man knows what’s good. 

Taking the current brand and transitioning back to our roots is something that I would be for any day of the week. As stated, the Wild jersey is a beautiful nod to our hockey history and, I think, the State of Hockey is ready. 

What do you think? Keep the current rotation where these J’s are repped only a few times a year? Or should the team make the change? Maybe go with Marlow’s suggestion? Let us know!