Forget London, the NFL Should Play in These Places Next Year!

Football NFL Vikings

I love the London NFL games. You wake up at 8 am on a Sunday after the Gophers inevitably let you down and you can immediately cleanse the palate. The game ends and you still have 11 hours of football left. What a day. While London and also Mexico City are cool locations, the NFL should think about playing here next.

Henningsvaer Stadion, Norway

After a quick Wikipedia search, it turns out that Vikings originated in Scandinavia, especially Northern Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It makes perfect sense for the Henningsvaer Stadion to host a NFL game between the Vikings and preferably the Packers. The coolest feature of the Stadion is what appears to be benches atop the ridge next to the stadium. I would pay big $$ to watch a game there.

Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium, Switzerland

This stadium just screams Denver Broncos. They already play at elevation and would make the transition seamlessly. Their opponent, to drive eyeballs towards this game would have to be the Kansas City Chiefs. Plus imagine all the extra content the NFL could do with Travis Kelce and the amount of beer the country of Switzerland and neighboring Germany drink. A match made in heaven.

Hasteinsvollur, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Now you may be thinking that this Stadium is nothing special but you’re wrong. It literally sits on an old lava field and is located less than a mile away from a Volcano! Dangerous for a football game? Yes. Dangerous for game between the Bills and Eagles? No. The two most rowdy fan bases would make this game electric and highly volatile. The ONLY thing missing in a matchup of the best fan bases is an ACTIVE VOLCANO.