Gable Steveson to the Bills

Gable Steveson, Gopher’s Olympic Champ Wrestler, Signs with the Buffalo Bills

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Not every day I get to write a wrestling blog, but the NFL made some fun news today: The Buffalo Bills have signed Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson. He’s expected to be playing defensive line, despite the fact that he’s never played football before.

For those of you that aren’t in the know on wrestling, Gable’s accomplishments include:

  • 3 Big Ten Titles (and one 2nd place finish)
  • 2 NCAA Titles (and one bronze)
  • 2 Cadet (U16) World Titles
  • 1 Junior World Title
  • 2 Hodge Trophies (Wrestling’s Heisman)
  • 1 Olympic Gold Medal
  • 4 MN State Titles

This is an outstanding list of achievements, but I’m personally familiar with 2 in particular: he won both of my state tournament brackets in high school.

On the podium with an Olympic champion, not a big deal. Only a few steps between an all-time American legend and some of the best vibes in division 3.

Anyway, after all of that, he took a stab at the WWE with his older brother, and that didn’t work out for whatever reason. At 6’1, 275 lbs, he does have a pretty impressive build for a pass rusher. The athleticism is well documented, but again, he’s never even worn a pair of cleats before.

Is this going to pan out too much? Honestly, no idea. After the ass-whooping he gave me (when he was like 15 years old), I can’t say I blame the Bills for taking a stab at Gable Steveson. Either way, I’m crossing my fingers that we see him toss someone from Bills Mafia through a table or two.

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