Gambling Guide To A Perfect Day Of New Years Football


24 hours from now 98% of this country will be hungover as fuck with only one thing on their agenda. Football. 5 New Year’s bowl games including the college football playoffs? Gambling paradise. I’m almost excited to be hungover for once in my life. Almost.

We all will have a clean gambling record to start the new year, why not start the gambling year on a good note for once?

New Year Bowl Schedule

  1. ReliaQuest Bowl: Wisconsin Vs #13 LSU (11 AM)
  2. Vrbo Fiesta Bowl: #23 Liberty Vs #8 Oregon (Noon)
  3. Cheez-It Citrus Bowl: #17 Iowa Vs #21 Tennessee (Noon)
  4. CFP Semifinal Rose Bowl: #4 Alabama Vs #1 Michigan (4 PM)
  5. CFP Semifinal All-State Sugar Bowl: #3 Texas Vs #2 Washington (7:45 PM)

Gambling Guide + Preview

My goal for this weekend is to hopefully build up my balance and then absolutely nuke all these games on New Year’s Day. Here’s my quick preview + best bet for each game.

ReliaQuest Bowl: Wisconsin Vs #13 LSU

  • Spread: LSU –9
  • O/U: 57
  • MoneyLine: LSU -375, Wisconsin +265

Let’s start with the obvious, what the fuck is the “ReliaQuest Bowl”. It used to be the Outback Bowl up until this year and now we are stuck with this stupid ass name. Let’s take a look back at a recent Outback Bowl that I just so happened to be at.

Preview: LSU comes into this game as 10-point favorites even with Jayden Daniels opting not to play in the game. That’s a lot of points when you’re missing the Heisman-winning QB. Honestly, I think this game plays out just like the Gophers game a couple of years ago. 10 is a lot of points especially without your starting QB against a Big 10 Defense.

Best Bet: Wisconsin +9 & ML +265

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl: #23 Liberty Vs #8 Oregon

  • Spread: Oregon -18
  • O/U: 68
  • MoneyLine: Oregon -750, Liberty +500

The Fiesta Bowl might be the most entertaining game of the day featuring two offenses who love to score points. Oregon being nearly 17-point favorites seems a little steep, but they have proved all year they can demolish anyone except Washington, and well Liberty is not Washington.

Preview: There’s going to be a trend in my picks when I’m picturing who wins these games and that’s the motivation factor. Liberty instantly gets the nod in this game because of them being the big dogs against the big dogs, fighting for all those other small schools proving their football teams are just as talented as these big schools. Do they win this game outright? Maybe. Do they embarrass themselves by not covering a +18 point spread? HELL NO. Remember when I said this was going to be the most entertaining game of the day? That’s because it’s going to be back and forth for all 60 minutes of the game. 68 seems like a ton of points but I feel like it’s still a must bet.

Best Bet: Liberty +18 & Over 68

(As long as Liberty can score 25 points we can’t lose both)

Cheez-It Citrus Bowl: #17 Iowa Vs #21 Tennessee

  • Spread: Tennessee -5.5
  • O/U: 35.5
  • MoneyLine: Tennessee -245, Iowa +190

The Cheeze-It Bowl features another Big 10 team coming in as a steep underdog. A defensive battle is expected, but who is shocked it’s Iowa we are talking about?

Cheez-It Citrus Bowl on X: "๐‹๐ž๐ญ'๐ฌ ๐†๐ž๐ญ ๐‚๐ก๐ž๐ž๐ณ๐ฒ! @HawkeyeFootball  and @Vol_Football will meet in the 2024 Cheez-It Citrus Bowl! #CitrusBowl  ๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ:" / X

Preview: Are these all ratlines? Tennessee will be without their starting QB Joe Milton, and without their leading rusher Jaylen Wright. I hate Iowa, but you gotta respect that defense. Imagine being thrown to the wolves in a New Year’s bowl game. It’s basically what Tennessee is doing by starting redshirt freshman Nico Lamaleava against Iowa this Monday. The over is tempting (as it is in all these games) but I can’t confidently say I think it will hit.

Best Bet: Iowa +5.5 & Iowa +190

CFP Semifinal Rose Bowl: #4 Alabama Vs #1 Michigan

  • Spread: Michigan -1.5
  • O/U: 44.5
  • MoneyLine: Michigan -120, Alabama +100

OOOOOOO BABY!!!! I BEEN SO EXCITED FOR THESE GAMES!!!! For all you Florida State lovers who think they shoulda have been in this game I have news for you. No, they shouldn’t. The most deserving and the 4 best teams made it and I couldn’t be more excited.

(I wrote that before the Georgia/FSU game, my point exactly)

I’ve flipped-flopped 10 times on who is winning each of these semi-final games. My first instinct was Michigan And Texas, but my brain could only picture Michigan Vs Washington OR Alabama Vs Texas. It might not make sense to you but when I close my eyes and picture a national championship those are the matchups I envision.

Preview: You know College Football is in a good place when you have a matchup as good as this one for a semi-final. So far in this blog, I’ve been backing all underdogs which also has resulted in me betting on both Big 10 teams so far. Only one can hold for this game and as of right now, I’m semi-confidently saying Michigan is going to win this game. I will not be placing this bet right now because I’m playing ping-pong in my head. Alabama just doesn’t lose in these spots.

The public has been ALL OVER Alabama and the spread has barely moved an inch. Vegas has this line exactly where they want it.

Fade The Public???

For the O/U I’m betting the over just based on the game I want to see. 44.5 is a fitting number for these teams, as this game screams a score of 21-17… but life is way too short to bet the under. My feeling is we hit the over in OT.

Best Bets For Rose Bowl Semifinal:

  1. Michigan -1.5
  2. Over 44.5
  3. First Score FG +180
  4. Cornelius Johnson O38.5 Receiving Yards

CFP Semifinal All-State Sugar Bowl: #3 Texas Vs #2 Washington

  • Spread: Texas -3.5
  • O/U: 62
  • Moneyline: Texas -175/Washington +150

The last game of the night might also be the best game of the bowl season. Both of these teams love to score points, and I think tons of points will be delivered. Who I think is going to win? Texas. It was my first instinct along with Michigan… but like I said above I either picture it being Michigan/Washington or Bama/Texas. Should I wait till after the first game to lock in my pick for this game or just go with my gut instinct of who I originally thought was gonna win these games?

Preview: There is not much to preview since this game speaks for itself on paper. It should be an amazing game I’m just so torn between who to pick and what to do. Maybe I just ride with the CFB playoffs Favorite/Over combo which also happened to be all my first instincts. I’m not going to be violently hungover tomorrow cheering for these games to be low scoring. Texas is my pick, I did say during the Oregon/Washington Pac-12 championship that I was going to fade whichever team won that game.

Best Bet: Texas -3.5 (Line Keeps going down might wait to snag a better #) & Over 62

Official New Year’s Day Gambling Card:

  • Wisconsin +9 (1U) & Wisconsin +265 (.5U)
  • Liberty +18 (1U)
  • Liberty/Oregon O68 (1U)
  • Iowa +5.5 (1U) & Iowa +190 (.5U)
  • Michigan -1.5 (1U)
  • Alabama/Michigan O44.5 (1U)
  • Alabama/Michigan First Score FG +180 (1U)
  • Cornelius Johnson O38.5 Yards (1U)
  • Texas -3.5 (1U)
  • Texas/Washington O62 (1U)
  • Texas/Washington First Score FG +250 (1U)

Cheers to an awesome day of New Year’s Gambling!