Gambling Guide To Find All Your 2023 NFL Award Winners


Last week I blogged about 8 NFL Division Bets I will be placing for this upcoming season. My Iowa trek is just days away, why not throw out some NFL award bets to consider for the 2023 season? All it takes is one…. as we found out last year in our 2022 NFL Awards Blog.

If you’re curious, we went 1/7 last year on our 2022 NFL award bets, but we hit Justin Jefferson NFL Offensive Player Of The Year @ +1600 to result in a WINNING NFL AWARDS SEASON! We also had Breece Hall ROY (+800) in the bag before his ACL turned to rubber.

Anyhoo onto my 2023 NFL Award picks, where we will yet again try to have another winning season.

NFL Awards 2022

MVP: Trevor Lawrence +1600

If you know anything about my betting, you know I HATE going with the favorites for any award. Value is always there down the board and this is who stuck out to me the most. Trevor Lawrence. Adding Calvin Ridley, to an already explosive offense in a horrible division? The sky is the limit for the former Clemson star.

Coach Of The Year 2023: Mike Tomlin +1800

Let me start by saying there is a TON of coaches who could win this award this year. New coaches, teams on the horizon of success, and teams who have question marks and could go either way. The question is what coach will bring out the best in his team and that’s why I chose Mike Tomlin (+1800).

Crazy Stat For Mike Tomlin

My reasoning for picking Mike Tomlin? Loaded division, young team, with all the potential to make the playoffs. Not to mention the stat above about NEVER HAVING A LOSING SEASON!!! If and when the Steelers win the division this year there will be 0 questions surrounding who should be Coach Of The Year.

Comeback Player Of The Year: Lamar Jackson +2500

Things To Think About Before Placing A Comeback Player Of The Year Award

  1. 11 Of The Last 15 CPOTY Awards have been to QBs. Including the last 5. (3 pass catchers, 1 defensive player)
  2. Most Return From Injuries.
  3. No Running Back Has Won Since 2001.

Will The NFL Award committee stay true to its form?

Will this year be different with Demar Hamlin leading the odds with a whopping -350? I don’t think it will be. We all saw how scary it was when Hamlin was carted off the field with uncertainty if he was alive or not. But at the end of the day, he’s a defender, who doesn’t make a big impact on the field. Will they give him the award out of pity if he just plays and stays healthy throughout the year? Hopefully not.

Who To Consider?

So under our criteria of rules who falls into the bet category? Two names stick out to me.

  1. Lamar Jackson +2500
  2. Baker Mayfield +8500

Cooper Kupp was my first instinct until I remembered if Hamlin doesn’t win it. Odds are a QB is waiting close behind. Tua sits @ +2000, but I think he will get hurt yet again this year. This leaves us with the most likely candidate, the elusive Lamar Jackson. Returning from an injury with the capability of being an MVP? I’ll take my chances with him for CPOTY.

Just for the record, I’m also throwing $$$ on Baker Mayfield at +8500. Dog shit division, with weapons around him. If he wins the division, it automatically puts him into the conversation.

Offensive Player Of The Year: Cooper Kupp +3000

People forget Cooper Kupp was averaging insane stats yet again last year before his season-ending injury. This is a receiver-friendly award as many receivers find themselves atop this list.

Yeah, He’s GOOOOOOD.

With tons of targets coming his way, the biggest key for this bet is to keep Stafford as healthy as can be. They dealt with tons and tons of injuries all around last year, and within their division, they are going to be battling from behind/ in higher-scoring games which leads to Cooper Kupp’s success. If healthy he’s easily in the debate for being the league’s best receiver… and that’s coming from a person who gets to watch Just Jefferson every game, of every season.

Can we make it two straight? We NAILED it last year with JJ for a nice payday, will Kupp give us the same success this year? Maybe this is just my cup. of tea when it comes to the NFL Awards.

AP Offensive Rookie Of The Year: Jahmyr Gibbs +900

Tons of QBS, and of course, Bijan Robinson sit atop this list before we come across the name Jahmyr Gibbs. Is there anyone set up for success more? Oh yeah, probably Jordan Addison (+1600). Ultimately I’m going with the running back who has the chance to be an absolute STAR.

He can catch the ball as a receiver, while also running the ball as his position plays. Not to mention he’s getting installed in an offense that will play his style perfectly.

Hopefully, another torn ACL doesn’t hold us back from winning this award…

AP Defensive Player Of The Year: Lukas Van Ness (+1600)

Can’t believe I’m taking a Packer instead of going with my first instinct of Devon Witherspoon (+1100). At the end of the day, I’m going with who I think has the best chance of winning the award. Van Ness has every opportunity to be in the GB defense this year. Something just screams he’s going to win the award this year, and that’s all I’m going to say about that disgrace of a franchise.

Will We Find Success Again This Year?

It’s hard to say 1/7 is ever a success, but when you’re betting on NFL Awards one is all it takes.

Cheers to another NFL Season!