Game 5: Best Heavyweight Bout since Tyson vs. Ali


The series is knotted up at 2-2 and things are getting very interesting. It is cliche to say but this is the biggest game of the year for your Minnesota Timberwolves. It will be an absolute brawl in Denver tonight.

If you were to ask Wolves fans before this series if we were tied 2-2 after 4, I think almost everyone would’ve been happy with that result. Unfortunately with how it got to 2-2, it is looked at as a major disappointment. Most fans have pretty much written us off at this point too, which is insane. I know this is Minnesota sports and we are used to the worst possible things happening to us but we have to have some hope.


I know things have done a complete 180 from the first 2 games but this team has been a top seed all year for a reason. It would be very easy for me to give up and throw in the towel like I am seeing a lot of you fake fans do. As much as the pessimist in me wants to, I will not do that with this team. We have Anthony Edwards and as long as we do this team will always have a shot.


There are obviously some things that went wrong or it wouldn’t be tied up 2-2. One of the clear adjustments to me is to not play Slow-Mo anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love Slow-Mo but he has been horrible outside of 1 game this series.

This just can’t happen if you want to beat the defending champs. He provides absolutely zero spacing and there is a reason things have gone to shit with him out there. So please for the love of god just don’t play Slow-Mo anymore. There really isn’t even an advantage at this point to play him so just keep him off the court.


It isn’t breaking news but Kat was very bad last game too. Truthfully no one was that great besides Ant but Kat was really off. I don’t want to shred Kat too hard because it was Mother’s Day and I’m sure that wasn’t easy for him. A performance like that again is unacceptable though if they want to win this series. You can’t play like that as a second option and expect to beat the defending champs. Kat started to revert to old habits of rushing himself, making poor decisions and just taking questionable shots. They can’t afford to have that happen in game 5. Kat just needs to take deep breaths and play controlled like he did in the first 2 games.

I have supported Kat since he has arrived here and I won’t stop now. My faith that Kat will bounce back is high and he will play a lot more calm and collected tonight. If they are going to pull this out, Kat will be a HUGE reason they do so. Just play your game tonight Kat, don’t force anything, and let the game come to you.


The two main bench guys were both not great in game 4 either. Besides a good 1st quarter Naz was awful and Naw was a -20. These things can’t happen either if we are going to beat the defending champs. Can you steal a game with this happening? Of course you can but to win a whole series is a different story.

Naz didn’t even play in the 4th quarter which shouldn’t happen. They need that scoring punch badly right now and we might as well just give all Slow-Mo’s minutes to Naz or even Monte Morris if he is going to be worthless. You can’t tell me Monte would be any worse than Slow-Mo has been.

Someone is going to have to step up if we want to take this one in Denver. It doesn’t really matter who it is but someone is going to have to be the unsung hero. This very well might be the biggest game I’ve watched as a Wolves fan and I can’t wait. The nerves are kicking in but I am excited regardless! Let’s hope next time we talk we are talking about what went right! Let’s go WOLVES!!!!

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