Game One Goes To…

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Safe to say it was a WILD night in Dallas as game 1 went to not one but two overtimes where Ryan Hartman and the Minnesota Wild downed the Dallas Stars 3-2.

As soon as the puck dropped in the first it was an incredible back-and-forth battle between two teams that know each other all too well. Quick play up and down, physical play by any and all players, powerplays that executed nicely on both sides, just an overall great game. Oh, and Dumba quickly became enemy numero uno in the Lonestar state after this hit on Pavelski. Oofta.

Going into the second Minnesota had what seemed like all the momentum with a hearty 1-0 lead until, as we’re all too familiar with, the power kill came into play. Only three seconds following a Hartman slash is all it took for the Stars to even up the scoring. Thennnnnnnn it happened again shortly after. Not ideal but let’s give a quick shoutout to Sam Steel for being reintroduced to the back of the net off this BEAUTY of a breakaway.

An incredible play that led to a 2-2 score after 2.

A slow start to the third that was about as exciting as watching grass grow finally got exciting following a two-minute 4-4. Play quickly picked up with some, nay a lot, of physical presence which seemed to target both Robertson and our very own Kaprizov. More specifically Kirill and let it be known that Ryan Suter is a class A a$$.

Friends, 3 periods wouldn’t be enough, though. Onto overtime.

Extra Fame Shenanigans

Regardless of the outcome, the Minnesota Wild would show that they aren’t wanting to go home anytime soon. Especially after this game against a team led by 94-year-old Ryan Suter who just successfully activated his AARP card.

Would we win, or would we regroup for Wednesday down 1-0? Well…

Wild Players to Note

Kirill Kaprizov, Sam Steel, Matt Dumba, Brock Faber, RYAN HARTMAN, honestly everyone. There was so much hesitation on my end coming into this game on how we’d perform, especially being away but truly I was very pleased! Also, can we talk about Gus Bus?? His FIRST NHL playoff game was one to remember stopping a franchise record 52 saves. Yes, 52. Will he start game 2? With how well he played you’ve got to think there’ll be some conversation, right? Such a brick wall but hey?…

What’s to Come

Game 2 between the Minnesota Wild and the Dallas Stars will once again take place in Dallas on Wednesday, April 19th at 8:30 PM central.

Game 1’s OT thriller was nutso and it’s safe to say we can expect the same type of play moving throughout this seven-game series.