Gary Sanchez Already Hates It Here

Baseball Twins

Now that the rich players and rich owners of the MLB have agreed to make themselves even richer, it’s time for some fucking baseball. The Minnesota Twins wasted no time making some big splashes for the upcoming season. It kind of got messy and I’m pretty sure Gary Sanchez already hates it here.

Here We Go

Okay…I get it. I actually always liked Garv Sauce but we definitely need some help in the middle infield.

Okay…see ya Isiah. I get getting rid of Donaldson’s contract too. The Pohlad’s are never interested in a $50 milllion contract. Cheap bastards.

In return we got Gio Urshella who is a decent player both as a hitter and defender. We also got Gary Sanchez who I think will fit in well. We needed another catcher after trading away Garver and we also need a power hitting DH since we got rid of Nelson Cruz last year.

I wish Gary Sanchez felt the same way about me as a feel about him though…

That’s a really nice homage to the shitty organization that is the New York Yankees.

But where’s the whole excited to be in Minnesota? Or a lets party like it’s 1991? Or even a #LetsFrickinGo like Kirk after he reupped with the Vikes? We got nothing.

Even Isiah Kiner-Falefa, who was here for a cup of coffee, gave a us a LFG Twins.

Hopefully Gary is busy working on his tags at home plate, so he can’t find the time to engage with us fans in Minnesota. But I’d be lying if I said we’re off to a great start and I’m not sure Gary Sanchez already hates it here.

Who know’s? Maybe we’re gonna trade him away too? I have no clue. Regardless, welcome to Minnesota Gary. #LFG