Goal Songs For Every Minnesota Wild Player

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We have already assigned every Wild player to a high school hockey team, now they need individual goal songs. Some teams across the NHL do this already and apparently its a touch subject.

If ever there was a GIF for that rant it’s “Old Man Yells At Cloud”. Craig Rivet sucks. Period. What a loser.

Anyways back to the Wild! I love Shout! It is a wonderful goal song but let’s try to find songs for the boys based on how they play, where they are from, and anything else I can think of.


Kirill Kaprizov: “Kalinka Malinka”-Sofia Berg. This one is easy because I have already written this blog. This song is an absolute banger.

Mats Zuccarello: “Better Off Alone Part 3-Alan Walker, Dash Berlin, Vikkstar) This was sneaky tough. Norway produces EDM superstars. Kygo, Alan Walker, K-391 among many others. I went with a familiar melody that has been used so many times but is still one of the most enjoyable and recognizable tunes in the EDM world.

Joel Eriksson Ek: “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!- ABBA” I mean come on. What an easy choice. I was always going to have an Abba song for a Swede so I assigned it to the first Swede on our list. A crowd singing the chorus would be ELECTRIC.

Matthew Boldy: “Good Vibrations- Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch”. I needed an artist from Mass for Matt Boldy and there was only going to be one guy for the job. Everyone’s favorite 9/11 savior, Mark Wahlberg. The song is legit, Boldy is legit, Wahlberg is…..

Marco Rossi: “Rock Me Amadeus-Falco”. Falco is definitely the only Austrian artist I know. This song slaps and would sound awesome after a late third period goal by Marco.

Ryan Hartman: “Power-Kanye”. Hartman was raised in the Chicago suburbs. If I know anything about kids from the Chicago suburbs it’s that they say they are from Chicago. The best artist from Chicago? Easy, Kanye. Disregarding all the craziness since 2016ish, he is an all-time producer and rapper. This song goes hard.

Marcus Johansson: “Forever”- Mika. What a random artist to assign to MoJo??The artist is none other than fellow Swede Mika Zibanejad of the New York Rangers. The description of the song fits MoJo’s season thus far. “Forever is about the ups and downs of a relationship” Reminds me of his game this year.

Marcus Foligno: “The Great Big Moose-Scratch Garden”. A perfect song for a perfect nickname. There are definitely some parts of the song that the crowd can sing along to and I’m sure the kids would love it.


Brock Faber: “BROCK You Like a Hurricane” by Scorpions. I know it’s rare to see a Faber goal but imagine the X singing along and yelling BROCK instead of rock. Spine tingling.

Jonas Brodin: “Leave Before You Love Me”- Jonas Brothers x Marshmello. If you have ever wanted to google Jonas Brodin stats you have almost certainly ended up on a page about the Jonas Brothers. I needed a song that featured some EDM that Europeans are known to love so this song featuring DJ Marshmello was an easy choice.

Jacob Middleton: “Take Your Shirt Off-T-Pain”. Is there a more perfect song for someone than this? Our guy Midsy tends to run a little hot. A match made in heaven.

I purposefully left some of the players off and that’s where you come in. If you have any song suggestions for Captain Spurgeon, any of the goalies or the Dewar/Duhaime combo let me know.