aaron rodgers says goodbye

Goodbye, Aaron Rodgers


Well gang, it’s officially official. The bad man is gone. After months of anticipation and speculation, Aaron Rodgers has finally been traded. Gone out the division and wearing a different shade of green. Rodgers basically did the 0-100 approach with his location change, moving from small town Green Bay (that he basically told to fuck off) to the biggest city in the USA. It’ll be interesting to see how his hippie ways change him as he heads from Appleton to the Big Apple.

It was a hell of a haul for our bitter rivals. The conditional 2nd round pick in 2024, which will surely become a 1st rounder is juicy. To get two 1st rounders back for a guy who was super close to retirement this offseason is a crazy deal.

If I’m a Jets fan, I’m pumped as hell to finally, FINALLY have a competent QB. But let’s be honest, this isn’t a Super Bowl-winning trade for Gang Green. They still have to deal with the likes of Mahomes, Allen, Burrow and Herbert all in their conference. Just winning the AFC East is going to be tough for them.

Okay…But How Does This Affect The Vikings?

Since its inception in 2002, the NFC North has been ruled by the Packers. It helps when you have 2 first ballot HOF quarterbacks to lead the way, but still. A complete stranglehold. We haven’t seen much of Jordan Love, but I’d be willing to bet you he is not HOF material.

So now, we are free from the curse of Rodgers. In the early part of his career, Aaron torched us on the regular. When Zimmer came along, the Vikings started to even the score. And some crazy games came from those Rodgers vs Zimmer defense duels. He killed us the last time out, but we all forgot about that didn’t we? Here’s to hoping we never see him and his ugly ass mullet again. Until next year when the prophecy is fulfilled and he becomes a Viking. FTP.