It’s October 24th, College Gameday is back in Minnesota for the second time in history, and Golden Gopher football is kicking off their season against Michigan tonight at 6:30 PM on ABC. Two months ago this idea would have been a pipe dream, but 2020 is as unpredictable as the end of a Vikings game and here we are drinking and pregaming getting ready for what looks to be an intense battle for the Little Brown Jug. It’s like a nice reset after 6 awful weeks of Vikings football. Speaking of which, Michigan is kind of the college equivalent of our favorite purple team. Build up false hope for their very loyal fans only to get beat in the biggest games of their seasons.

When the Gophers take the field tonight, it’s gonna look more like a Gopher Hockey game rather than the raucous crowds the Football team had closing the year last season. The hype surrounding this team is like none I’ve seen in my lifetime and it’s exciting to say the least. This offensive line who they are returning multiple starters to is going to be a force. That Tanner Morgan to Rashad Bateman connection is going to be deadly. Ibrahim getting to tout his stuff on national TV after being a relatively unknown player to other teams is going to be sneaky. It’s a tough match up with Michigan but The Jug needs to come home and the Gophers are going to get it done!!

If you need something to watch after Gameday ends at 11, be sure to turn into 10K’s very own Pregame show that will be airing live on Twitter as College Gameday wraps up. Make sure you got your Maroon and Gold on today and SKI U MAH, ROW THE BOAT, GO GOPHERS.