“Halloween Kills”: SPOILERS + What Will Happen Next


Summary and Thoughts

In the twelfth installment of the Halloween series, Micheal Meyers continues to terrorize Haddonfield. This time appearing from the middle of a house fire and slaughtering a group of over ten firemen, using their own tools against them. Just your average beginning to a night for ole Micheal Meyers.

Laurie (who he’s tried to kill numerous times), Karen (Laurie’s daughter), and Allyson (Karen’s daughter) were the ones who trapped Micheal in the burning house, which resulted in Michael stabbing Laurie. Karen and Allyson end up taking her to the ER for surgery immediately.

Meanwhile,Michael continues to terrorize the town. He first kills a group of teenagers and leaves Officer Hawkins with a neck wound. While at the hospital Hawkins confessed to Laurie that he stopped the sheriff from executing Micheal back in the ‘70s.  Laurie has been terrorized by Micheal ever since the first film, and Officer Hawkins who let him live, both feel guilt for not killing Micheal when they had the chance, and both figure out Micheal’s motive: to go home. 

In small, inconsequential subplots, Micheal kills dozens of people. Although, the killings are detailed and elaborate. Almost to a disgusting point. So if you like gore this is perfect.

Lonnie, who survived a Micheal attack when he was a kid, is hunting Micheal with his son (Cameron) and Karen’s daughter (Allyson). They learn that Micheal is on his way home, and meet him there. Lonnie wants to go in by himself to kill Micheal and surprise…dies almost instantly.

I don’t know why Lonnie had any belief that he could take Micheal by himself, Lonnie was a dumbass. Cameron and Allyson go in after they hear the gunshot. Surprise, he kills Cameron. 2 generations are taken out minutes apart. Allyson breaks her leg and almost dies herself, but Karen comes to save her. 

Karen actually puts up a great fight with Micheal, an amazing one actually. She gets him on the ground, curb stomps him on the stairs, and stabs him a lot. She has a chance to finish him with a pitchfork or knife to the back of the head. BUT…she just grabs his mask and runs. I mean I get that she does this to set up the community vs. Micheal fight but from a humanitarian standpoint, you have to finish him. 

So, Micheal chases (and by chases I mean he slowly walks like he always does) after her to get the mask back and he ends up surrounded by community members led by Tommy Doyle.

Tommy Doyle Rant

Also, I forgot to mention Tommy Doyle before, so let me recap his night. Marion Chambers, Lindsey Wallace, and Cameron’s father Lonnie were at a packed bar drinking having a good time. They were commemorating the anniversary of when Micheal had his initial slaying. The packed bar is having a good time watching a talent show. Then, up comes ole Tommy Doyle and says “I want to tell you a story”. Then ruins everyone’s night talking about a bunch of murders Micheal did. Just a buzzkill. He also drives around town warning people of the “boogie man”. I mean, if a man yelled that the boogie man is back, I would assume he was either on something or should be on something.

His best performance of the night was when he got a whole angry mob to think an escapee from a mental hospital was Micheal. They chased him through the hospital (doctors, cops, civilians, patients were all in this mob) until Karen stepped in. She tried to help the man, who came in because he had a cut on his head. The mob banged on the doors until he jumped out the window. Ole Tommy Doyle, gets down there where everyone was saying it’s not Micheal, and says, “We have never seen him without a mask, so it could be him” (not a direct quote but that is the gist of it). The movie seems to gloss over the fact that Tommy riled up a mob to go after this man. 

Back to the Summary and my thoughts

So Tommy Doyle and this mob begin to beat Micheal in the middle of the street. I guess my worry about this brawl, was about the children in the surrounding houses. They look outside their windows and see 30 people going after this one guy. If they aren’t looking out the window, they can definitely hear gunshots and screams. I don’t know, just seems the mob did not think of the kids.

Besides that, the mob is winning against Micheal. He is on the ground after they shot and stabbed him numerous times. Gotta be dead this time right…nope, just gets up and walks away.

Why do they not cut off all his limbs? You would think they would not take any chances of him coming back to life. At least put one bullet or knife through his brain. Personally, I would cut off the limbs in this order: the head, then legs, then arms. I mean, the dudes killed THOUSANDS of people, finish him when you have the chance!

I get that it is for the movie series to continue. Though every scary movie series could be a quick ending, they make some weird thing to keep it going. To keep the Micheal Myers series going, Laurie comes to the conclusion that when he kills he gets stronger. Does that mean Micheal now has superpowers? So he is not just a kid who was strange and enjoyed killing people on Halloween. Now he’s gaining inhuman strength from killing. It seems like one of those plot points they just tried to slide in there and hope no one notices. 

In the Next Movie

For the next movie, I want to see something completely different. Just like in the Spongebob Squarepants episode where everyone leaves and Spongebob is the only person in Bikini Bottom. I want to see Micheal Myers wake up on Halloween, excited to kill on his way to his childhood house. Although, when he starts to make his way home, he soon begins to wonder where everyone is. Micheal is sad and makes his way to his sister’s window. Where he likes to stare out and starts doing some deep inward thinking about himself.

He wants to change, become a better person. He washes his mask until it’s clean. Goes to the grocery store and leaves money at the empty counter. Starts to set up a big Halloween party to surprise everyone when they get back. Makes a big banner that says “I’m sorry”, and a note apologizing to the townspeople. Kinda like the Grinch and the Who’s, but instead of stealing presents, Micheal killed their friends and family. However, they still accept Micheal’s apology. They could call it Halloween Alone: Micheal is given time to himself to think about what he did and change his attitude or Halloween Alone: Micheal Feels Bad about what he did. Ethier one is fine.

Overall I really liked the movie. I’d give it an 8.17/10.