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Hartzy Is A Beauty And We’re Gonna Help

NHL Wild

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock over the last few weeks, you know that Ryan Hartman AKA Hartzy is an absolute beauty. First he does what everyone in the NHL wants to do and flipped known puppy hater Evander Kane the bird. Then he gets fined the NHL max $4,250. Then, an awesome Wild fan named Allie Cook found his Venmo and immediately after, Wild and NHL fans flooded Hartzy’s account with money to pay the fine.

But because Hartzy is such a beauty, he opted to pay the $4,250 fine himself and donate the money fans sent him to Children’s Minnesota. Russo reported that so far, fans have raised over $20,000. Like a lot of fans, we made some memes to be a part of the moment and keep the momentum up with Hartzy’s story. Plus it was fun to dunk on Evander Kane.

hartzy stars as "Ryan Hartman in Birdman"

Well, the second one took off. A lot of people asked us to print a shirt, so that’s exactly what we’re doing. We always give the people what they want. The shirts are available now at the 10K Store. And in Hartzy’s honor, we’re donating 4.250% of the money we bring in from the shirts to Children’s Minnesota.

Here’s the catch, though. The shirt is only going to be available in the store through the end of the week. On Friday, April 22nd, at noon, the shirt sales close. Forever. As in, you won’t be able to get the shirt ever again. We’re serious. Just like the Billy the Goat shirt, you can only get this shirt during this one week period.

So go ahead, buy a shirt. Your friends will be jealous. You’ll look incredible in it. And you’ll help us raise a bunch of money for a super worthy cause.

You can also donate directly to Children’s Minnesota here.