Kirk Cousins getting sacked

Has the SKOL Ship sailed for 2020?

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As a lifelong Vikings fan, I usually have the same routine on a purple game day: get in a good breakfast, pick out which of the 6 jerseys I’m going to wear for the game, and set my fantasy lineups. After I finish my routine there is always a thought that crosses my mind: Are the Vikings gonna win today?

The answer is always resounding one way or another: hell YES! or a firm HELL NO. Last Sunday, I had absolutely no idea how the game could go. But once it started, it became pretty clear.

Many of the same demons the Vikings have been putting up with all year plagued the purple on Sunday. Inability to do ANYTHING on 3rd down, Kirk Cousins running for his life, insanely stupid penalties, and of course, Harrison Smith getting his weekly Unnecessary Roughness penalty.

Not to mention a flag on a Hail Mary right before Halftime that set Tampa Bay up at the 1-yard line and gave them 3 points. I mean, for fucking real guys?! There hasn’t been a PI called on a Hail Mary since 2009. That’s almost 12 fucking years ago!!

But the one thing we can always count on is our Special Teams letting us down. This time it was no one else, but Dan Bailey. The man who was once of the most reliable kickers in NFL history missed 4 kicks in total yesterday, equaling out to 10 missing points. But wait guys, would you be glad to know that Dan Bailey made about $135,000 for his effort last Sunday? That’s more than I’ll make in like the next 2 years, Fuck.

It’s not like he was the only one to not show up, the offense and defense didn’t do much to show signs of life either. I fell asleep during the 4th quarter, just because I knew I wasn’t gonna miss anything important.

This was going to be a huge W moving forward in the playoff race, but now we are back on the outside looking in. And as much as it pains me to say, maybe it should stay that way. If you can barely hang with teams that run backups QB’s and corners, then lose handily to an ACTUAL playoff-caliber team, it’s time to pack it up.

Hey at least the guys here at 10k aren’t kicking for the Vikings…

Maybe next year Vikings fans

And to think I almost wrote a post shitting on Tom Brady and the Bucs before the game last week, so much for that.