Free Beer, maybe?

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NFL Week 10 in bulk baby! It’s time to double down, I love a fun bet that sometimes isn’t money-related. If I go under .500 in my picks this week I will buy one person who likes this tweet (must be before noon on Sunday) a beer at the 10K Wild game. If I go under .500 in my picks this week I will buy one person who ReTweets this 3 beers at the game (must be before noon on Sunday) . Let’s have some fun eh?

Jaguars +10.5 @ Colts -10.5

My pick: Colts

Confidence level: B

If Wentz missed the birth of his child for this game this is an absolute mortal lock. You know he has to play well or else he’ll regret missing his child’s birth for the rest of time.

Browns +2.5 @ Patriots -2.5

My pick: Browns

Confidence level: B-

This seems like a game where the Pats come down to Earth. They’ve also struggled mightily at home this year.

Falcons +8.5 @Cowboys -8.5

My pick: Cowboys

Confidence level: B

Look for the Cowboys to bounce back this week. The Falcons are coming off a big win. Last weeks results should flip flop this week.

Bills -11.5 @ Jets +11.5

My Pick: Bills

Confidence level: B

The Bills HAVE to get back on track, right? RIGHT?!

Saints +2.5 @ Titans -2.5

My pick: Titans

Confidence level: A-

Only spotting the red hot Titans 3 points at home against Trevor Semien? What am I missing?

Bucs -9 @ Football Team +9

My pick: Bucs

Confidence level: B+

This seems like a 35-13 finals for the Bucs. Should be able to wipe up the Football Team.

Lions +8.5 @ Steelers -8.5

My pick: Lions

Confidence level: C+

Is this the week the Lions get their first win?! (No) But 8 points is a lot to cover for Pittsburgh

Vikings +3 @ Chargers -3

My pick: Chargers

Confidence level: C

Vikings always play in close games but it seems like this is the game is when the Vikings fully implode.

Panthers +10.5 @ Cardinals -10.5

My pick: Cardinals

Confidence level: C

Cardinals are legit, Panthers stink, 10.5 is a lot but it’s more likely the Cardinals win by 11+ than it being a tight game.

Seahawks +3 @ Packers -3

My Pick: Packers

Confidence level: B

We all know how petty Aaron Rodgers is, This could be a 400 yard 5 TD performance for Rodgers

Eagles +2.5 @ Broncos -2.5

My Pick: Broncos

Confidence level: B-

Ew.. what a gross game but if you need a spread to bet I’d go with the Broncos. I’m citing the elevation as the reason why.

Chiefs -2.5 @ Raiders +2.5

My pick: Chiefs

Confidence level: B-

I’m addicted to betting the Chiefs. It’s a real problem to be honest. The Chiefs just aren’t great but in my small mind I still think they are the same old Chiefs who are a wagon. Can this be the week they return to it?

Rams -4 @ 49ers +4

My Pick: Rams

Confidence level: A

I do not for the life of me understand this line. The Rams should probably be double digit favorites in this game and they are only spotted 4?!


Yes this is week 10 already… WEEK 10. The NFL season is well over halfway through. I just don’t want week 15 to sneak up on you and be wondering how did the season blow by you. Be prepared, it’s crushing by!