Why Bet on Who Will Win When You Could Bet on the Coin Toss?

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The biggest sporting event of the year is just mere hours away. I still don’t know who the hell is gonna win. The Rams are Uber talented and clearly matchup better, but.. Joe Burrow. If you’re looking at the Super Bowl with more of a fun and entertaining lens or an incredible degenerate. Here are my fun prop bets.

Coin Toss- Heads (-104)

I know. I know. Tails never fails. But heads shreds and it seems like we are due for a heads coin flip.


National Anthem- Over 104.5 seconds (-120)

It’s tradition to bet the over on the national anthem. Make sure you grab your phone and time it yourself for good entertainment.

Opening kick a touchback- yes -108

I was shocked when I learned there has only be 2 touchbacks to open a Super Bowl in the last 28 years. TWENTY EIGHT YEARS?! I feel like there’s a touchback more often than not and both kickers have touchback percentages over 50%.

First performer to sing/speak at halftime- Snoop (+135)

Very tough one to pick since there’s so many options, but snoop seems like a great choice and at plus money you can’t go wrong with him.

Will any quarter be scoreless? Yes (+380)

I don’t necessarily love this but at +380 I love the odds. I could very well see a quarter being very tight defensively and for plus 380 it’s tough to beat that value.

Anytime TD Scorer- Cam Akers (+135)

Nothing fancy here. I just envision the Rams having opportunities inside the 5 and Akers punching it in.

Gatorade bath color- Clear/White (+490)

This one is always a crap shoot. Teams have multiple colors on the sidelines but both teams have water. At +490 it’s probably your best bet.

Super Bowl MVP- Aaron Donals (+1600)

Obviously he’s not the QB of either team so not the most likely. But I can easily see Donald wrecking this game and living in the Bengals backfield. For +1600 you gotta love it as a flyer.

Now go log onto your bettoredge account and go smash the Rams MoneyLine (-200) and Bengals spread (+4) -110. If you have a gun to my head and are making me chose an Over/under I’m going to roll with Over 48.5 but I don’t love it.

Overall this should be a fun Super Bowl. Won’t be mad if either QB wins it but I’m pulling for Cincinnati since they have real, passionate fans and not fake Hollywood fans.