Hey ASU, Leave the Maroon & Gold Hockey to Us.


Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Yesterday, Buccigross and other hockey personalities posted a picture of ASU’s new hockey threads for the 2020 season and they’re downright OFFENSIVE.

Hey @ASU you’ve got the nation’s highest rate of fake racks, alcoholism, and OnlyFans accounts on a college campus while encouraging your students to roll around and throw the shocker. The only thing I’m shocked by is how Herm Edwards, a dedicated man of faith, ended up at a university with such distasteful behavior. He must be on some sort of mission to better the university from the inside.

I get it, they’re awesome colors, plain and simple. They’re some of the greatest to grace college sports, but you’ve got enough going for you as-is. In fact, you already had one of the best kits In all of Hockey with the gray alternates, and now you want to change it?

I know football is the biggest thing to you and the PAC 12 is just as incompetent as the Big 10 when it comes to making up COVID rules, but you don’t need brand new jerseys just because they got some. It’s obvious that everyone is hopping on the retro bandwagon this year, but between ASU and Oregon, there’s going to be enough color and jersey combos to outfit the entire conference! You’ve already got the most attractive campus in college, brag about the sunny weather every February, and have made pretty big waves in hockey recently, but now you’re trying to claim these colors too!?

While I revel in the opportunity to put another school from a power five conference in their place, leave the maroon and gold hockey to us.



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