Hey Wolves, It’s Knight Time

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Nathan Knight has been balling of late and deserves more minutes for the Timberwolves. He is scrappy, grinding and working his ass off night in night out. Or should I say… Knight in, Knight out. It should be Knight Time going forward.

Nathan Knight, AKA Knight Time, holding a basketball while playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves in a white jersey.

It has been very hard for Nate to get consistent minutes this year and without all the injuries he probably wouldn’t see the court at all. However, those injuries have shown he is an NBA caliber player and deserves minutes. On a team that does not have a lot of grit, a guy like him is sorely needed.

Knight Time Energy

This team has really lacked a “energy” guy if you will. Nate is this guy and the Wolves need to find a way to give him some consistent minutes. Now I love Naz Reid, (editor’s note: Naz Reid.) but if trading him opens that up… Well, it’s time to realize that might be for the best of the team.

Every time Nate gets in the game, he immediately makes an impact. Whether he is getting to the line, throwing one down or locking up, he just makes a difference. Here are a few clips to prove it.


He is just a guy that I feel every team needs. A simple play like these can jump start the whole team and that is something this team sorely needs. I believe most of Wolves Nation is calling for more Nate Knight minutes.

Whatever needs to happen this man needs to see the court, he has been balling and needs to be rewarded. Rewarding him will also lead to good things for this team. It has been Knight Time and it needs to continue to be so going forward. Now, excuse me while I go grab a pizza and await more Knight Time highlights.