FINALLY. We can stop talking about the fucking streak. The Minnesota Twins have won a playoff game! It’s been years for some and literally a lifetime for many since the Twins won in the playoffs. Literally I was in middle school listening to The Used on my turquoise iPod pissed at my mom for not letting me get Etnie shoes.

We’ve been waiting far too long for this as a fanbase and it’s so relieving that this gorilla is off our back. I know that’s not the saying but my god this streak was no normal monkey. I wasn’t able to watch the full game due to having a full time job that requires me to stay until 4pm but I was able to make these assumptions on how the Minnesota Twins finally broke the streak.

Royce Lewis Is Him

The 1st pick of the 2017 draft, Royce “Massive Dick & Balls” Lewis, is him as the kids call it today. His rookie season was unbelievable and now he’s picking right back up before the hamstring injury. Management absolutely NAILED this pick and he’s ours guys! What a fucking STUD. Just putting the team on his back today driving in all the runs for us.


We won this game mainly because of timely and stellar defense from most of the Twins. Cough “Polanco”. Guys made plays at the right time, stepping up for their teammates. Michael A. Taylor played out of his mind in centerfield tonight. Who needs Buxton when you have Mr. Taylor?

Let’s not forget the potential play of the game when Carlos Correa threw out Bichette at the plate. He basically runs across the diamond, bare hands the ball to bail out Jorge’s ass. I really want to lay into Polanco but I’m so fucking happy the Twins won I’m already over it. I will say he is a liability in the field and Rocco might need to consider using him more as a pinch hitter.

The final play of the game needs to be highlighted as well. Solono comes off the bench and makes this incredible play to seal the deal. He used his entire 5’8″ from to stretch out to make the play. So underrated.


There have been many times when I’ve questioned this front office. I proclaimed the Twins should cheat this year. I was irrational due to all the trauma I’ve experienced as a Minnesota Twins fan. I was a bit skeptical of the Pablo for Arraez trade but I was wrong. Management was right and we got the better end of the deal.

Pablo was fantastic but so was the bullpen. Varland had a loud out but was bailed out by Michael as previously mentioned. Thielbar was bending curveballs in for strikes after Varland and Jax got his slider working for 2 K’s in the 8th. Jax made my bh clench a bit but bounced back. Finally Duran blew away the Blue Jays for the save and secured the 1st Twins playoff victory since 2004.

The Fans

We deserve some credit for this win as well. We have stuck by this franchise through thick and thin and have finally been rewarded. I wasn’t there but you could feel the electricity at Target Feild through the TV. Now it’s time to get ready for tomorrow and close this series out. GO TWINS!