Hot Boy Summer 2021 is Officially Here!

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“I met a bad little shawty at a party dance
Gettin’ to the bag like it was her only chance
Rich bitch, known to run up them bands
Said “fuck it, ” then she went and made an OnlyFans, uh
Hot boy, white boy summer
Got your favorite Instagram bitch DMing her number, woo”

Words that live in infamy from Chet Hanx. Words that every guy should live by. At least for the most part. Because did COVID-19 steal your Hot Boy Summer last year? Of course, it did! This is why the last year has sucked major balls (although as Token10k that sounds highly appealing). Yet 2021 Hot Boy Summer is now officially on the books! At least here in Minnesota.

After a year of wearing masks, the CDC released a statement Thursday stating those who are fully vaccinated no longer need masks. A sign we are finally at the end of this shitty year.

Amen! But also no shit!

However, the best news didn’t come until Thursday night. When Minnesota dictator…I mean Governor…Tim Walz announced the state’s mask mandate was no more! Meaning we are about to go balls deep into Hot Boy Summer 2021.

It’s time for all of us Hot Boys to ditch the masks for swimsuits and dad bods for, well still a dad bod most likely. Unless you’ve been getting your swole on during the pandemic. In which case, who the hell are you?

Either way, this is a MASSIVE step towards normalcy in Minnesota and Hot Boys across the state are celebrating. This summer is about to be one of rejuvenation. With young people across the state and country pent up with energy from having the last year dissipate from their lives.

Whether you’ll be shotgunning Hamm’s or hitting up that random girl or guy on Tinder and asking, “you up?” Maybe even taking a sip of one of our Top Ten Drinks for Summer 2021. Everything is slowly falling back into place.

Stay tuned for our official Hot Boy Summer Guide coming dropping soon. So get your vaccine, or don’t because I’m not your mother, and let’s have the fucking best summer ever!