Hot Take Alert – Phillies will win the World Series in 7!

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The Houston Astros will take on the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2022 World Series
2022 World Series Matchup

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Philadelphia Phillies have found themselves matched up against the Houston Astros in the 2022 World Series. A 6th seed (Phillies, 87-75) versus a 1st seed (Astros, 106-56). Though it may seem like a long shot, the Phillies may have the advantage.

I, like most of the fucking country, hope that they will beat the Astros in the fall classic.

This might be the liquor talking, but Hot Take Alert – Phillies in SEVEN

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Houston’s Path to the World Series

Houston is automatically the favorite. I get it. I think they are too. They’re on a roll. Going to 6 straight ALCS and haven’t lost a game yet this postseason! Honestly, their path was not that tough. No adversity. However, they did have their defining moments in each series, like Yordan Alvarez’s walk off home run in the ALDS.

The Astros are a fucking wagon. An unstoppable force of a team that bows to nobody.

From top to bottom, Houston has the better rotation, bullpen, defense, and offense, than the Phillies. I would not argue with anyone if they said that the Astros are the most complete team in baseball.

Yordan Alvarez sends Houston riding high into Game 2 of the ALDS
ALCS Game 4 Recap – Houston rallies to beat Yankees, goes to 4th World Series in 6 years

Houston may have had to come back a few times, but how difficult was it really if they played the minimum amount of games to reach the World Series? Obviously not that difficult.

Philadelphia’s Path to the World Series

The Phillies are basically the opposite of the Astros. They have sucked for the last decade and got off to a shit start this season too. At one point this year, the Phillies were in such a bad spot, they fired their manager Joe Girardi.

Unlike Houston, they don’t have a complete squad. Their starting rotation is solid, but their bullpen is a clusterfuck. And it’s tough to win games when you have a defense that can’t field the ball. But what the Phillies can’t do on the mound or in the field, they make up for at the plate. Their offense is fucking LOADED.

Rhys Hoskins gets the party stared in Game 3 of the NLDS with an electric home run
Bryce Harper sends the Phillies to the World Series with a go-ahead blast in Game 5 of the NLCS

These are just two examples of the Phillies offensive ability. They are never truly out of a ball game because of it and that has propelled them to the World Series.

Phillies in 7 baby

Though their offense seemed to stall in Game 2, the Phillies showed their “never say die” at the dish in Game 1.

J.T Realmuto gives the Phillies the lead in extras in Game 1 of the World Series

After being down 5-0 relatively early in the game, the Phillies scored 6 unanswered runs. They beat Houston at home, which is a very difficult thing (Astros have MLB 2nd best record at home). This is why I believe they won’t just get steam rolled by Houston. They scratch and claw their way back into games and pray to God their bullpen won’t shit the bed for them!

While the Phillies winning it all still seems like a tall order, it can happen.

The Astros have won just about every game this postseason without much resistance. Yes they have been down at times. But when they are, they come back and hold the lead. They have not had the pleasure of playing in games that go back and fourth like the Phillies have had.

A relentless and hot offense is probably the most dangerous things in the MLB postseason and the Phillies certainly have that.