Strawberry Frosty

Hot Take: The New Strawberry Frosty Is Mid

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It’s summertime, baby! Y’all know what that means? Barbecues, bonfires, and Baja Blast in bottles! Summer is often looked at as the GOAT season for what it offers. This summer is no different, as Wendy’s is looking to change the game. They did it already last summer with the new fries WHICH ARE AMAZING (well at least I think so). But now we’ve got a new flavor of Frosty on our hands.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed , I made the mile trek to my nearest Wendy’s in search of the fast-food item of the summer. Never mind the fact that they fucked up my main order because we got the Frosty! After griping over a chicken sandwich, I grabbed a silver spoon and dove right in. What followed next was unexpected.

They always say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And this Frosty was a total FRAUD. After a few licks of the spoon, I quickly realized that this Frosty tastes exactly like a strawberry shake from McDonald’s. How the hell does that work? All this hype just to taste exactly like a market competitor. And to think, Wendy’s replaced the vanilla Frosty with strawberry. Assault.

Be the judge for yourself, strawberry is still an S-Tier flavor in regards to most food items. But Wendy’s really let me down here, and I can’t forgive them for that one.

If you want a summer treat that actually does taste amazing, I’d suggest The Dairy Queen Crunch Cone.