House of the Dragon Season 2 Trailer.

House of the Dragon Season 2 Trailer

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Alright nerds, it’s time to get ready for Westeros season, the new House of the Dragon season 2 trailer dropped today. Season 2 will air Sunday, June 16th on Max and I cannot wait to hear the HBO Max screen come in (fucking Max), followed up by this…

Now, let’s get to the trailer.

Here are a few general observations (I’m also trying not to get overly hyped, but also)…

The Wall/North

Looks like we get to see the Wall. I’m excited to make a trip up North. We may get to see some of the family lines of the Starks. Either way, excited to mix in a lil bit of winter.

House of the Dragon season 2.
Lil Winter at the Wall.


Dragons, dragons, and DRAGONS! Would you watch this show if the characters were riding pigeons (I probably would)? Anyways, to put the season 2 of House of the Dragon trailer into perspective, I’ve created the following image (who says bloggers can’t create photoshops).

House of the Dragon season 2 trailer.
Daemon with Pigeon.

We’re Going to Fight

From what I saw there is going to be at least one epic battle this season. From the trailer, it looks like there could be multiple big battles/wars that rage on as things really escalated in season one (RIP Lucerys).


The season 2 trailer for House of the Dragon, is going to have revenge. I’m talking Genghis Khan type shit (don’t know who he is, go pick up a book). Love a good revenge plot. In this instance, it’s all about who is going to come out on top for only the best seat in the house… the Iron Throne.


Weird relationship drama (let’s just get them on Vanderpump Rules or Summer House). We all know Thrones has had some incestuous relationships, well it keeps people watching. Looks like we have some uncle/niece relationship drama stewing this season on House of the Dragon (read with a narrator’s voice). The tea is going to be let out and I am here for it!

Grab your popcorn folks, it’s going to be a wild ride and my throner is throbbing (ask @sarge)!

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