How The Rest Of The Vikings Season Will Go

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It’s officially that time of year again. This is when you start thinking about the PTO you’re going to use at the end of the year. Also, what in the hell are you gonna get your girlfriend/boyfriend for Christmas? But as important as all those things are, there’s nothing more important than worrying about the NFL playoffs and how the rest of the Vikings season will go.

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The Vikings have got to REALLY fuck it up to not make the playoffs but we’re pretty much in. The question still remains though of where will they fall? Stuck at the 2 seed? Maybe drop to the 3 seed? Who the hell would we play? That’s where the ESPN playoff machine comes into play.

Week 15

Couple of things to note here. Absolutely nothing will change in the playoff seeding. There should be NO reason for the Vikings to lose to the Colts (sorry Bossman). It’s a weird Saturday noon game but they should take care of business. No way Philly loses to Chicago. The Brock Purdy experience might be a problem down the road and should beat the sea chickens.

P.S. The Lions will beat the Joe Flacco Jets.

Week 16

Now things are getting interesting. The Vikings game against the Giants is going to be HUGE. We win that game and Detroit (yeah the Lions) sneak into the 7th seed and we keep the 2nd seed. We lose that game and we drop down to the 3 seed and the Giants move back into the 7th seed and we’re playing the Commies. Actually doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world but I think we beat New York at home.

P.S. That Eagles/Cowboys game is a toss up to me. I give it to Dallas at home. Good for us for the 1st seed.

Week 17

Nothing will change. Most teams in playoff contention have pretty easy games this week with the exception of the Cowboys. But the Titans kind of suck so they probably win. Vikings will DESTROY a Jordan Love Packers.

Week 18

Yes, there are 18 weeks this year. Either a lots going to happen week 18 or nothing really at all. It’s going to depend on if teams play their starters and where they fall going into this week. Either way the Vikings will beat the Bears. If we lose somehow, we most likely drop down to the 3rd seed when the 49ers beat the Cardinals.


I’ve played with the playoff machine A LOT. Like an unhealthy amount. I think I’ve seen just about every scenario that makes sense. More than likely we’re going to be the 2nd or 3rd seed. I don’t see Philly losing too many more games and even if they do they have the tie breaker so we can pretty much kiss the 1 seed goodbye.

We’re probably playing either the Lions, Giants or Commies in the first round at home. We SHOULD beat all of them but who fucking knows at this point. We would more than likely have the 49ers in the Divisional round. This is where getting the two seed is huge. Would much rather play them at home than go to jeans land out in the bay area.

Then lucky for us we get either the fuckface Eagles or the stupid Cowboys. I absolutely HATE both options. Remember last time we played in Philadelphia in an NFC Championship game? Fuck. Or Remember last time we played the Cowboys at home? Fuck.

I’m not worrying about that shit yet. Our Vikings are going to make the playoffs and can beat any team. Or lose to any team. I’m just here to enjoy the ride.