How to Improve on a Hot Wolves Start


Our Minnesota Timberwolves have started this season on fire. We have taken down heavy weights and teams we should beat, for the most part at least. Things have been great but if this team wants to get even better, there are a few areas where improvement could elevate us to another level. 

Things have almost been as good as they could possibly be to start the season. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t individual things and players that could be better if we want to improve even more and possibly win a ring. GASP, I said win a RING! Genuinely I believe it’s possible with this squad. Here’s how I think we can improve. 

Backup guard. 

Our bench has been alright but the area that needs the most help is our backup guard play. Shake has just not been the guy we expected yet, it could change but to rely on that heavily is a little scary. It is a very important piece and if it can be improved, they would be smart to do so. 

I know it seems incredibly pessimistic to be looking at the negatives in the best start in Wolves history but we have to be serious. This is different than other years where we are only shooting to make the playoffs. This team has championship aspirations, so if that is the case then they should absolutely look to improve in any way possible. Even if that means moving someone we love as a fanbase, winning comes first.


That leaves us with who could we possibly acquire at this spot to elevate even higher. I haven’t done much digging just yet but one name that we will continue to hear for obvious reasons is Tyus. This would be great but how realistic is it?

In terms of the Wizards selling, well that will happen because they are horrible but still, could we make this happen? I believe we could but we would have to part with a guy like Shake or Slow Mo to make money work for sure and a team like that would want one of our really young guys I would assume. Beyond that, do we really want a guy whose best part of his game is his distributing? I don’t think we would be opposed but the main problem has been scoring from the bench and the backup guards, so a good mix of both would be solid. After thinking, yes, Tyus would be a great get but we will just have to wait and see what things look like come trade deadline.


This team could absolutely use a knockdown shooter too. Yes, I know Kat is that guy but he can’t be the only one. On top of that, he does SO much more than just shoot, so it isn’t always easy to have him just sitting behind the arc. If you’ve watched, he is having an amazing season and a big part is his driving ability. He has to keep doing all of the stuff he is doing to maximize his ability to help this team win. On top of all of this, he is shooting 50/40/90 currently which is insane!

That is why having a guy who is strictly a shooter would be amazing off the bench. Once again I haven’t really looked into who yet but I know there are a lot of those guys around the league. I am more than sure there are some that are on bad teams that will be available come the deadline.

Shoutout to Troy Brown Jr. though. These last two games he has gotten more minutes because of the Jaden injury and Shake being average. He has stepped up in both games and made plays on both ends. He is showing why they signed him and why he was a vital part of that Lakers squad. For all we know he could be the answer to our shooting issues. Regardless it would still be nice to add another guy.

Enough of nit-picking, We (me) need to enjoy this amazing start. For all I know we are watching the best Wolves team and season of all time. I am going to try to live in the moment and enjoy every second. Next up on the schedule are the possible pedo and the Thunder who are the 2 seed. We are going to show everyone we aren’t messing around. Until next time, enjoy another Timberwolves Brasil classic.