How to (Legally) Get Action on March Madness in Minnesota


March Madness is one of the great sporting events of the year. With that comes bracket pools and plenty of sports bets. Unfortunately, Minnesota legislation has yet to release their collective head from their own anal cavity, so we don’t have the same sports betting luxury as all of our surrounding states. Fear not, there is always a workaround! Here’s a couple ways you can legally grease the wheels on NCAA tournament games.


This is as close as we can legally get in the great state of Minnesota. BettorEdge is a social betting marketplace. What that means is instead of betting against “the house” you are betting against other BettorEdge users. The great thing about this is you win more on your bets because there is no vig like there is when you bet against a sportsbook. Even better, new users can use code 10K to get $20 when they sign up with BettorEdge!

Underdog Fantasy

If you’re trying to hit it big on March Madness, Underdog Fantasy is the way to go. First off, for new users you can get your first deposit doubled up to $100 using code 10K! To me, it’s an easy decision to drop $100 into your Underdog account and have $200 to further build your bankroll. Then, you can win up to 20x your entry amount by just choosing higher or lower on select individual player stats. My bread and butter lately has been choosing 3 players to win 6x. That’s how I was able to collect some coins on the Big Ten Tournament hosted in Minneapolis last weekend.

Other Options

As we mentioned before Minnesota is surrounded by states where sports wagering is fully legal. Some of the popular options are Diamond Jo Worth Casino in Iowa and St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake in Wisconsin. The 10k Bets crew has frequented both options and while it sucks to drive over an hour from the Twin Cities to legally place a couple bets, the sportsbook setup makes is easy to relax and have a couple cocktails while watching your bets play out!

Final Thoughts

I myself will be utilizing a cocktail of these solutions to maximize the amount of action I can get on the slate for each day. I’ll be spending some time in Southern Minnesota this weekend, so I’ll dip below the border into Iowa and make some bets at the FanDuel Sportsbook at Diamond Jo Worth Casino. Then, I plan on sprinkling some funds on BettorEdge for games played on Saturday or Sunday and, of course, dabbling with some Underdog pick ’em entries everywhere in between.

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