A lil’ Hump Day Inspiration

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Everybody knows the feeling. Waking up on a Wednesday morning, trying to get your life together, and all you can hear through your pounding headache is the sound of your boss calling because you were supposed to be at work 15 minutes ago. Like c’mon man. You’re telling me it’s unreasonable to celebrate a MAJOR sporting event just because it’s a work night? The Masters eve eve only comes around once a year. What am I supposed to do? Not crush an entire rack of Busch light? That doesn’t even make sense. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in this morning, I know everyone on the planet could use a lil’ hump day inspiration. Without further ado, this story will have you through the nearest brick wall in less than 5 minutes.

The Hump Day Inspiration

The Background:

Kurt Warner lived the American dream of all American dreams. From grocery shelf-stocker to HOF football player, the man turned the lie every 20-year-old tells himself into reality. “I’m going to marry a hot mom and toss tuddies in the NFL.” If I were to graduate college, get a job stockin’ shelves, and tell my mom I’m chasing my NFL dreams, I may never actually hear her response. This would be due to all the debris in my ears from my head being shoved so far up my you know where. To be fair, I don’t necessarily have “arm talent” or ”athletic ability.” However, you understand my point of Kurt’s insane turnaround. In all seriousness, Amazon Prime recently released a movie about the amazing journey of Kurt and his wife Brenda.

They met during Kurt’s last season as Northern Iowa’s 5th-year starting QB. He had dreams of playing in the NFL, and she was in nursing school while taking care of two kids. Years went on, things got harder, nobody called, and Kurt found himself working at the neighborhood Hyvee. As a single mother and slightly homeless free-agent, Kurt and Brenda were down as bad as you could get. Broker than Russell Westbrook’s jump shot, working harder than Fleury’s glove, and even living an Iowa, they endured the worst. Then one day, everything changed.

The Opportunity:

Almost 2 years removed from organized football, Kurt finally got his shot. The Arena Football League called for him to come quarterback the Iowa Barnstormers. Which happens to be the only job more boujee than being a Kardashian. 10,465 yards, 183 touchdowns, 3 years, and infinity barn storms later, he finally rose some eyebrows. So much so, the NFL’s St. Louis Rams signed him to a contract. After 1 long year on the bench, Kurt became their starting QB in 1999 when the Rams starter went down in the preseason. Think about it for a second. This man graduated from a small Iowa college 6 years before his first NFL start. That’s like graduating with a degree in finance, working a job scooping ice cream for 6 years, then coming back to finance as the CEO of Amazon. There’s no way this goes well…right?

The Result:

Wrong. Kurt Warner not only led the league in passing touchdowns, passer rating, and completion percentage as a 28-year-old first time starter. He also won the MVP, Super Bowl, and Super Bowl MVP while leading the Greatest Show on Turf. Not only did he become the proverbial CEO of Amazon, he took them to the freaking moon and back and back again. On top of all the NFL accomplishments, Kurt and Brenda’s impact reaches way further. They’ve started two non-profit organizations who help advance the lives of children and young adults who have debilitating conditions and handicaps.

From rags to success, Kurt and Brenda Warner cannot be matched. So pull your pants up, get your butt in gear, and win the rest of today and this week. Because if they can do it, you can certainly get to Friday after work when nothing really matters anymore anyway. Here’s your Hump Day Inspiration. Good luck out there.

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