I Agree Jimmy G. Fuck The Packers.


Saturday night all of the world witnessed one of our favorite things. The Packers losing in the playoffs.

No one likes that town, team, stadium, quarterback and especially their god awful fans.

We found out post-game after Robbie Gould hit that game-winner that Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t like the much either.

Now…Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t necessarily play well by any means (11/19 for 131 and an INT). But that shows how shitty the Packers really are. It’s not like that hippy Aaron Rodgers (20/29 for 225) a whole lot better.

The End of Rodgers?

I was also happy to see the outpouring hate for Aaron Rodgers on Twitter last night as well. After all the bullshit he’s pulled and sticking with that silly fucking hair cut for this long…he deserved every bit of it.

This very well could be the end of Rodgers tenure in Green Bay. If I was a loser Packers fan I would probably want him gone. Although he’s a terrible person, he’s still a pretty good quarterback but at some point you have to move on and maybe Jordan Love is the answer(Doubt It).

Let Rodgers go fuck with another organization for the rest of his tenure in the NFL.

See You Next Season Losers

So that concludes the Packers season.

I’m glad they had a great opportunity to talk shit this season to win as many playoff games as the Vikings. Maybe once we have an HOF quarterback for 30 years we could get 2 Super Bowl wins too.

Fuck the Packers!

Skol Niners.