I Drunkenly Ordered 100 Christmas Cards

Booze Everything Else

Have you ever had a couple of cocktails on Friday night and proceed to do something stupid that you regret the next day? Oh nice, everybody… okay let’s proceed:

Whoopdy fucking do I saved $95 on 100 Christmas Cards! Who are you comparing that to? The Grinch’s price? And before I complain about the shipping, I need to note that I decided expedited shipping was worth it…

With that, if you want this beautiful picture of me drinking orange juice straight out of the half-gallon jug before chugging $8 champagne, DM me your address on Twitter (@Bossman_10K) and I will make sure these beauties of Christmas Cards arrives just in time for your in-laws to see it on the fridge. Oh, and, buy a shirt from the 10K store.