I Hate the TikTok Generation

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From day one here at 10,000 Takes, I have had the pleasure of coordinating our social media strategy, and for the most part, it has been a pretty awesome experience! With the help of Bossman, JJ, Zooch, the rest of the team here at 10K, and despite idiots like dev and brew, we have built a social media following of over 20,000 people across our various platforms. Out of all of our platforms, our most successful one has been TikTok. With over 14,000 followers and counting, we have been slowly grinding our way through the TikTok ranks and I can honestly say that I have learned a very important lesson throughout my time on the app:

I Fucking HATE the TikTok Generation

Having to deal with these mouth-breathing middle schoolers on a near-daily basis has taken its toll on me, and I may be on the verge of a mental breakdown. To demonstrate just SOME of the moronic things I have to deal with on a daily basis I will be posting some of our TikTok’s below, along with some of the most idiotic comments you’ll ever see.

WARNING: You may lose complete faith in our younger generation (if you haven’t already…)

This TikTok was made the night the Minnesota Wild drafted future Hall of Famer Marco Rossi. We heard he was from Austria so we just HAD to throw up the opening scene of Dumb and Dumber :

Our first birdbrained comment comes from Will Frisell:

C’mon Will, you cannot be THIS FUCKING DUMB. Seriously when I read this comment all I could picture was this meme:

“Australia and Austria are completely different countries”

No shit they are different countries Will, that is LITERALLY THE FUCKING JOKE.

This next TikTok is a running bit here at the Take. Our very own Journalist Jake is the real Kirk Cousins and gives a little pre and post-game talk:

Shortly after posting one of these Kirk videos, we almost always get flooded with several comments that all say the same thing:

Really DangleHard11, are you sure that’s not Kirk Cousins?! It sure looks like him to me…

Now to some extent, I can forgive younger kids for commenting “Fake” and “That’s Not Kirk” but on Facebook we have 50-year-olds losing their shit in the comments who type things in all caps like “THIS IS NOT KIRK COUSINS, IT’S AN IMPOSTER REPORT THEIR PAGE”. We also do this every.single.game. Figure it out, boomers.

This next TikTok highlighted what every Minnesotan was thinking during the first snowfall of the year:

Our next comment comes from some dumbass named Lucas Hoheisel.

Oof. I wonder what happened to this guy to make him so sensitive? Hey Lucas, pal, we never said that it wasn’t snowing in your (crackhead) state, get a fucking grip bud.

The last example of the day is an occurrence that happens far too often. Some drugged up 8th grader from Wisconsin has to comment “go pack go” or something about how much better Wisconsin is than Minnesota.

Imagine having a 5-1 football team, but you’re so insecure you have to comment how much better your football team is on a fucking nature video. Sad. People comment “Go Pack Go” at least once on each one of our videos and what they don’t realize is every single time they comment, it boosts our video up in TikTok’s algorithm, and in turn, we get more views on our videos! So thanks for all the support Packer fans! We hope you know we appreciate you too, even though you’re all perverts!

We receive about 40 comments a day that would make you want to end it all. Don’t be surprised if this is my last blog for a while, I need a god damn break after dealing with these Ninnyhammers. I look forward to the dumb comments on this. Everyone that says go pack go is getting blocked.


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